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On February 25, 2022, a Literary Evening (slam) for TAIF-NK employees was held at the Zaman Reading and Communication Center in Nizhnekamsk. The contest participants have prepared not only poems by famous authors, but also their own. They competed in reading prose and poetry, sang songs to the guitar.

The literary evening, where anyone could demonstrate their talents, was held for the first time among the employees of the oil refinery. According to the organizers, such a contest is one of the forms of increasing the interest of employees in the study of literature, which instills in them a sense of love and respect for poetry, as well as develops creative abilities. Employees of the enterprise who are on well-deserved rest also came to support the youth of TAIF-NK, who also read various literary works with pleasure. The creative talents of the company's employees were evaluated by a competent jury, which included representatives of the library, the Department of Culture and poets of Nizhnekamsk.

According to the results of the competition, the first place was taken by Irina Permyakova, a specialist in labor protection of TAIF-NK JSC, who presented Olga Kievskaya's poem "Maternal Love" to the jury. The second place was awarded to Dmitry Kleshnin, HRCC process pump operator, with a poem of his own composition with illustrations. Stanislav Aitov, the operator of HRCC process units, took the third place, who also introduced a poem of his own composition to all the guests. 

-  Since childhood, like many girls, I dreamt of becoming an actress. I always memorized the poems I liked by heart. Such evenings help us to relax our souls, to acquire new acquaintances by interests. To discover in yourself some creative, again acting abilities. Literary evenings are certainly necessary, because spiritual development is very important for us. - Irina Permyakova, a specialist in labor protection of TAIF-NK JSC, shares her emotions.

All participants of the competition received certificates, the winners received diplomas and memorable presents, as well as an invitation to speak at the literary association of the  town.

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