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October 18, 2020    

TAIF-NK employees take part in environmental campaign to clean Lake Karakul

Today TAIF-NK PSC employees have gone to clean the Karakul lake shore as the part of the republican environmental campaign "Clean shore". They have cleared the shore line out of the rubbish and litters accumulated during the summer season. Oil Refining Company representatives annually take part in an environmental event in order to preserve the natural resources of the Republic of Tatarstan. In total more than 10 cubic meters of rubbish and litters were collected and removed from the territory of the unique Karakul Lake, where the scientists discovered two rare plants such as a snow-white water lily and a yellow flower-bud listed in Red Book.

TAIF-NK being a company that placed sustainability at the top of their business priorities, annually participates in various environmental projects – Community Cleanup Days, Eco-Spring and Green Wave campaigns. Just next week representatives of the Company will take part in next stage of the "Green Wave" campaign where they will plant different types of green spaces.
Caring for the environment is an integral part of the corporate culture and social responsibility of TAIF-NK PSC - the leader in Russian Oil Refining. The Company’s main task in the field of environmental protection is effective management and minimum impact of its production activities on the environment and its preservation for the benefit of living and future generations.

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