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More than twenty teams of TAIF-NK JSC employees once again competed in the popular game “Quiz, please!”. Many of them were looking forward to it, as it has become attractive to the refiners for off-the-wall questions, dynamic development and the possibility of close companionship.

Creative approach began to boil up in the participants` heads as early as the preparation stage. It completely reflected in the names of the teams, many of which, to begin with, represented the intellectual riddles jointly with the answers and a hot humorous message: “SAPёры”, “Серные кардиналы”, “Еле собрали!”, “УдаЩливые”, “PROгруппа”, “РыбинGood”, “Тринадцатая зарплата”, “КульмЭны”, “Пришли и слава богу” and many others and yet original.  

Two hours were slipped by surprisingly quickly somehow! This period contained seven different stages of the game. And, if in the first warm-up hour the questions were as easy as shelling peas and were encouraging with the prospect of a high final place, then starting with the second hour, many people had to, as they say, scratch the head and get into the weeds of their own intellectual knowledge.

The older participants shook their heads sadly when asked about the actors of the youth series (it turned out to be “Stranger things”), while the youngers quizzically made helpless gestures aside at the sounds of some “old” hard rock songs (they belonged to the Led Zeppelin band). In general, the teams needed to have not only the age balance, but also knowledge in a wide range of fields from mathematics to advertising in order to have the stable collection of points.

 Some unsolved questions when furnishing the right answer caused sorrow among the participants: “How on earth did not we remember it?” Well, it`s quite evident that the statement of the sportscaster Vasily Utkin “feathers of unobtrusive recommendations” refers to the Krylia Sovetov team (a wordplay – the Wings of Advice), and the riddle about someone who was deprived of preferences refers to the famous children's poem “Magpie-Magpie cooked the porridge”. Oh, everybody would like to know anything in advance!

 Nevertheless, from the very first stages a group of teams was identified, which competed surprisingly smoothly and answered all the proposed questions almost without errors, regardless of the topic. When summing up the results of the game, the first three winners were as follows:

The 1st place: the team “УдаЩливые”,

The 2nd place: the team “SAPёры”,

The 3rd place: the team “РыбинGood”.

The recipients of the first prize, the team “УдаЩливые”, are the employees of the TAIF-NK Technical Upgrading and Advanced Development Department. The participants suppose that the team spirit has helped them to win the victory.

- We are just a tight-knit team, we act in concert! – explained the secret of successNiyaz Hamidullin, the Head of Technical Upgrading and Advanced Development Department. – Even if we did not have any variants at the start, all of us jointly offered versions and we came to some kind of answer. We knew our capabilities. Initially there was a wish to be in the top three. Well, through the way the game was going, it became clear that we could win. The main objective was to beat the team “SAPёры, as it is a very strong team.

- Today, I took part in “Quiz, please” for the first time. The impressions are the most positive ones! There were some stages that seemed to be more complicated than the others, but we succeeded. Our department is the best! – added Nursina Zalaltdinova, a process engineer and the participant of the team “УдаЩливые”.

As soon as the game was over, many participants already started making plans for the next game. This should come as no surprise, because it is of great value to parade the knowledge and interact with the colleagues!

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