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October 26, 2020    

TAIF-NK Employees Kids’ Support of the Russian National Football Team

TAIF-NK summarized the results of the Corporate contest among the kids of the TAIF Group employees for the most inspirational video in support of the football players of the Russian national team. The contest was organized within the framework of the sponsorship agreement between TAIF JSC and All-Russian Public Organization "Russian Football Union". Young football fans used all their imagination when creating those videos and treated the given task very seriously. Some of the videos were recorded during the training, others while watching a football match on TV, nevertheless, they all wished the Russian national football team only to win!
TAIF-NK employees children appeared to be among the finalists of this creative contest. The videos by Ilyas Yamilov, Ramil Yakupov and Kamila Mubarakova were duly appreciated by the expert committee. For their creativity kids were awarded with diplomas, branded T-shirts and autographed photos by the Russian football team players. TAIF-NK Company contributed as well and awarded the children with memorable gifts for their passion for sport, boosting children's arts and crafts and active participation in the Corporate contests.
TAIF-NK is an advanced industrial enterprise, and encouragement of sport and promotion of the healthy lifestyle importance among its employees are on the corporate strategy priority list. Over the years Company has been keeping such sport customs as competitions for TAIF-NK Cup in table tennis, paintball, summer and winter football, volleyball, relay race and the most mass annual ski race.


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