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April 25, 2019    

TAIF-NK employees join Nizhnekamsk’s big clean-up campaign

Over 250 TAIF-NK employees have joined the three stages of the city’s clean-up campaign. This spring TAIF-NK employees have traditionally been assigned to Lesnaya Street of almost three kilometres long. The first clean-up was on April 10 through 11: the employees of 3 plants scattered snow so that it would melt faster, swept kerbs and the adjacent territory. The second wave of the clean-up was on April 17-18: the area was cleaned of dry leaves, branches and debris. In a joint effort, almost 75 cubic meters of waste was disposed. From April 24 to April 25 the final stage of spring clean-up campaign took place. Within two days, the employees of the enterprise were beautifying the cleaned area: they were removing the advertisements from the posts, whitening trees and road curbs.

Being a socially responsible enterprise, TAIF-NK annually participates in the sanitary and environmental 2 month clean-up campaign. Last year, 110 employees of the Gasoline Plant, Crude Oil Processing Plant and the Heavy Residues Conversion Complex have been in the city’s general Wednesday clean-up.


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