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March 17, 2021    

TAIF-NK employees continue to vaccinate against COVID-19

Employees of TAIF-NK JSC continue to take part in the preventive vaccination campaign against the new coronavirus infection. Prior to vaccination in Hospital No. 1, representatives of the Company undergo a primary examination by a doctor. The doctor measures their temperature, determine the absence or presence of contraindications. After that, the vaccination is done in the treatment room.

“Vaccination is essential. This is my health, the health and safety of my colleagues. Despite all the measures taken to combat COVID-19, such as social distance, decontamination, wearing masks and so on, we still work closely with a large team and visit public places. Still, I believe that the first step in the fight against coronavirus is vaccination” – says Vyacheslav Platonov, Head of HRCC Workshop No.03, TAIF-NK JSC.

As noted by health workers, the situation with COVID-19 in Nizhnekamsk remains tense. As of today, more than a hundred people are being treated daily at the COVID hospital. Therefore, in this situation, there are two ways to obtain antibodies: to be exposed to the virus in the past or get vaccinated. According to doctors, vaccination is still the best protection against disease.

“Competent managers who take care of their employees should direct them to vaccination, because if the employee is healthy, it ensures continuous and stable operation of the entire production facility. Today, representatives of the largest company TAIF-NK are vaccinated here, which means that the enterprise competently and responsibly consider prevention issues to form a healthy team” - notes Tatyana Rakhimova, Deputy Chief Doctor of the Nizhnekamsk Central District Multiprofile Hospital for outpatient work.

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