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October 16, 2022    

TAIF-NK employees clean the urban streets and remove six KAMAZ trucks of fallen leaves in three days.

More than 70 TAIF-NK JSC employees took part in the autumn clean-up event armed with shovels, rakes and other equipment. The environmental action has turned into a real movement for cleanliness. The refinery employees will rake together fallen leaves, dry branches, sweep curbs during the week so that Nizhnekamsk remains clean and well-tended. They will try to clean the territory before the rain season.

- Last Friday was our first time when we went out to clean the territory. Our cleaning event will take seven days. We clean Lesnaya Street in spring and autumn every year. This territory has been assigned to our Company for many years, - said Artem Tudiyarov, Deputy Head of General Department, TAIF-NK JSC.

The Company's employees were helped with 7 units of equipment. TAIF-NK JSC employees raked together six KAMAZ trucks of fallen leaves during the first three days — the collected leaves were taken to a special landfill. Working in the fresh air gave everyone a lot of joy and pleasure.

- We always go out to clean up our beloved town in a good mood. It is warm today; good people are working with me as well. It is very pleasant to contribute to the cleanliness of urban streets. Collective work brings people closer together, gives positive emotions, - says Elena Guryanova, Manager of Sales Department, TAIF-NK JSC.

- Everyone is happy to participate the clean-up event. Autumn is such a time when people start cleaning their gardens, houses and apartments. The town is also our home. It is necessary to clean up Nizhnekamsk of excess fallen leaves to make our town clean and beautiful, - summarized Tatiana Vorobyova, a specialist of Protocol Group, TAIF-NK JSC.

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