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August 2, 2020    

TAIF-NK employee is awarded medal of order of merits to the Fatherland, II degree

Processing unit repair mechanic of the sixth category at the mechanical repair shop of the Crude Oil Processing Plant of TAIF-NK JSC, Rafis Sakhabiev has been awarded the order 'For Merits to the Fatherland' of II degree for his labour achievements. The award ceremony was held in the Kazan Kremlin, where Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan, Farid Mukhametshin, presented state awards of Russia and Tatarstan to outstanding residents of the republic.



There are 36 Tatarstan citizens in the list of those who distinguished themselves

The state awards ceremony of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan was traditionally held in the Kazan Kremlin. This year, 36 Tatarstan citizens — engineers, chemists, builders, doctors, artists and representatives of other professions — have received awards. All of them received well-deserved awards from the hands of Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan, Farid Mukhametshin.

“You are an example for many generations. A model for all those who work in these difficult conditions today. We, the people of Tatarstan, should show how to take care of ourselves and our loved ones and continue to work for the glory of Tatarstan and Russia," Farid Mukhametshin addressed the audience.

He noted that Tatarstan is one of the leading dynamically developing regions that managed to minimize the consequences of the pandemic.

“We are implementing the major tasks set by the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. We manage to hold back the economy. The volume of GRP for 6 months of this year amounted to 1.11 trillion rubles, 1.41 million square meters of housing were commissioned. The programme 'Our Yard' received full support from Tatarstan citizens, according to which 1,000 yards are planned to be improved this year. This work, efforts to overcome difficulties, success and stable development of the republic are the result of the work of all Tatarstan citizens," said Farid Mukhametshin.

According to him, Tatarstan would not have been able to solve such problems without advanced production specialists. Farid Mukhametshin congratulated scientists and doctors, artists and veterans of labour, engineers and production managers, employees of various industries and professions on well-deserved awards.

An example for the generations

Among the prizewinners this year — Rafis Sakhabiev, the processing unit repair mechanic at the Crude Oil Processing Plant of TAIF-NK JSC. He has been awarded the medal of the order of merit for the Fatherland, II class. By the way, the company's employees are among the best industry leaders of the republic awarded every year. In 2019, Ramil Davleev, the Chief Power Engineer of TAIF-NK JSC was awarded the honorary title “Honoured Power Engineer of Republic of Tatarstan”, and Alexander Trofimov, the process unit operator of the Gasoline Plant of TAIF-NK JSC was awarded the title “Honoured Chemist of the Republic Tatarstan”.

Rafis Sakhabiev has worked for TAIF-NK for 15 years. Rafis Sakhabiev has devoted almost 40 years of work to the petrochemical and oil refining industry.


With his active participation, the plant for the production of non-oxidized road bitumen was modernized and a new technology for the production of oxidized bitumen was introduced. His duties included replacing the mixing device on the cube shaped storage drums, the installation of pumping equipment.

Rafis Sakhabiev took an active part in the reconstruction of the hydrogen production unit. As a result of the modernization, the plant's capacity has been increased to 19,200 tones of hydrogen per year.

With his direct participation, the work was also carried out on the revamping of the granulator with the bucket elevator JD-701/Z of the workshop for production of elemental sulphur of the Crude Oil Processing Plant, allowing for upgrading the equipment for granulating and transporting elemental sulphur for shipment, reducing the number of repairs and ensuring non-stop operation.

Mentor of young professionals

In the interview with “Realnoe Vremya”, Rafis Sakhabiev said that his responsibilities included repair, installation and maintenance of the equipment in different parts of the enterprise.

“Every day our team is engaged in new objects: the reconstruction of the bitumen production unit, modernization of equipment for processing fuel oil. Our field also includes working in the park of vacuum gasoil. The team consists of 28 people, we have worked together for a long time, we treat each other with great respect," said Rafis Sakhabiev.

In general, the Nizhnekamsk oil refining company values experienced personnel but also relies on young people. At TAIF-NK JSC, 48% of employees are between the ages of 18 and 35. When applying for employment at the company, applicants undergo a multi-level selection system, which consists of several interviews and a thorough check of all documents. Newly hired employees undergo professional training, they are assigned mentors — experienced specialists who help them to get used to the company and acquire the necessary skills.

Rafis Sakhabiev takes an active part in the mentoring system that exists at the enterprise. During his time at the company, he transferred professional knowledge to more than 10 young professionals.

“To become a mentor, one needs to have a lot of work experience and professional experience. The training takes two months. Then they work independently, but we still track their results and help when necessary," said Rafis Sakhabiev.

The awarded TAIF-NK employee said that it is important to show sensitivity and attention to the young specialist in the work of a mentor. To master the profession of a locksmith, not only diligence is required but also composure.

“The oil refining industry is a dangerous field, so the employee shall be calm, think before doing. Temperament and the ability to be reserved in difficult situations are important. During traineeship, we have to be psychologists, we look at the characters of workers. If a person is calm, then we direct them to work with process equipment. More temperamental, quick one — installation," said Rafis Sakhabiev.

The colleagues say about Rafis Sakhabiev as of technically competent, hardworking and disciplined worker. They noted his diligence and responsibility. Rafis Sakhabiev's work has been repeatedly encouraged with awards: Certificate of Honour of TAIF-NK JSC and Certificate of Honour of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

“Your hard work and effort, which you have shown working in our company for many years, did not go unnoticed. The staff of TAIF-NK JSC and personally I are glad that your labour success has been highly appreciated at the state level. Hard selfless work, responsibility, high professionalism and dedication deserve the respect of the entire team. Your attitude to work and your native enterprise, high moral and business qualities are an example for many young professionals. Our employees are proud to work with you in the same team. I am sure that the knowledge and experience that you transfer to our employees will continue to contribute to the successful development of the company and the entire industry. Сongratulations on your well-deserved award! We wish you good health, family well-being, happiness, new successes and achievements!” Director General of TAIF-NK Rushan Shamgunov congratulated Rafis Farakhutdinovich.

30.07.2020  Online newspaper “Realnoe Vremya”


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