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March 15, 2022    Specialized Journal “Safety, Health and Environment”

TAIF-NK: Company's staff potential is work for future

People are undoubtedly the important resource of any company. Today, large enterprises in Russia provide modern and comfortable working conditions for their employees, trying to raise the profile of engineering and workers specialties the decline of which happened in the 90s. Competition for personnel reached maximum values in Russia even at the beginning of last year. Сritical labor shortages were particularly relevant in small towns. However, today we can already say that the labor market is recovering very actively. TAIF-NK as the largest refinery company considers that the key to success of any enterprise is regular training of qualified personnel and creating a favorable climate for their effective work.

One of the most effective tools for the profession development and social status improvement is professional skill contests. The Republican competition "Alabuga-Skills" which gathered in Yelabuga more than six hundred participants not only from all over Tatarstan but also from the nearest regions became a significant stage in identification of the level of professionalism and competence for both income-earning youths and their employers. This approach gives the opportunity to the most talented young specialists to express themselves in their chosen profession. Professional competitions help to maintain the occupational prestige, give fresh impetus for the competitors to participate in competitions, takes them to a new professional stage, thereby giving them a chance to advance in career.

TAIF-NK JSC seven employees participated in the professional skills contest in various competencies. Bulat Nasibullin, an employee of Crude Oil Processing Plant TAIF-NK JSC, defended the honor of his native enterprise in the competence of "Shielded metal arc weld with a non-melting tungsten electrode in an atmosphere of shielding argon". The twenty-five-year-old young specialist showed the experts all his skills and, getting ahead of dozens of competitors, took the first place of honor in the prestigious competition.

-I was 19 years old when I first time heard about TAIF-NK. Working at this Company has always been considered prestigious, and I dreamed of getting job here. As soon as I had the chance I took the opportunity to get a job. Now I can seе for myself the professional and well-coordinated team, good working conditions and decent wage. I can see that the older generation shares their experience to young specialists, and the Company's management creates conditions for fulfillment of our potential," says Bulat Nasibullin, the winner of the Alabuga-Skills competition, a welder from Crude Oil Processing Plant TAIF-NK JSC.

Gulnur Kurbangaleeva, a chemistry lab technician, is one more representative of TAIF-NK JSC at the professional skills contest. She got a job at the Oil Refining Company rather recently. Nevertheless, she has already managed to demonstrate her skills in a competition held by TAIF-NK in Nizhnekamsk. That time she took the second place. This time she was offered to break new ground and to try her hand at the republican contest "Alabuga Skills". The result of the competition is the second place in the competence of the "Chemistry lab technician".

- We trained for the competition morally and mentally. Such competitions help to create a professional community. Even at the stage of preparation, waiting for our turn, we get acquainted, communicate, and after passing the tests we have the opportunity to discuss mistakes and take them into account. This is an additional experience for young specialists, - Gulnur Kurbangaleeva believes.

Human resources solve everything

Principally the sustainable development of the Company is the result of purposeful, coordinated and responsible work of all TAIF-NK JSC employees. The personnel policy of the Company is not limited to hiring, but concerns the fundamental positions of the Company in relation to the training, development of personnel, ensuring the interaction between an employee and the Company.

About four thousand employees are working at the Company nowadays, more than 41% are under the age of 35. They say that the best of the best specialists is those who are constantly training and improving themselves. Moreover, the company has the opportunity to arrange working at the Company at the stage of early professional training. This way the dual system works where students undergo the theoretical part of training on the basis of an educational institution and the practical part — at the workplace. This practice creates a "seamless" environment for young specialists giving them the opportunity to adapt in advance to the real production conditions.

- We start working with personnel in advance, at least from senior year, so that finally have a real specialist who has "tasted", so to say, the high production culture of our Company. They are already full members of the Company, they can take root and upon completion of training either join the army or continue to work. Students earn a full and decent salary along with all TAIF-NK JSC employees. Thus, the Company acquires an employee, and the graduate does not waste time on professional adaptation - says Anton Tukhvatullin, Head of Technical Training Group, TAIF-NK JSC.

TAIF-NK JSC main goal is to provide continuous training of all employees’ skill level. Experienced specialists are assigned as mentors to help beginners to acquire all required skills. It is arranged such a way so that new employee can quickly join the team and master some trade. One of such mentors, who trained young specialists for “Alabuga Skills” competition is Alfat Sadykov, Head of Workshop No. 15 of TAIF-NK JSC Crude Oil Processing Plant, who has more than 40 years of work experience.

 - If we compare the young people who came to production plant in the 80s and now, then I can say with confidence that the current generation is much more advanced, more competent in information technology. They navigate information faster, so they get used to the enterprise faster. In turn, we analyze their mistakes at the initial production stage, direct them, and try to share all our accumulated experience to them. The newly accepted employee works towards self-fulfilment, aiming at his professional and personal development in the future - says Alfat Sadykov, Head of Workshop No. 15, TAIF-NK JSC Crude Oil Processing Plant.

TAIF-NK JSC mentors help young employees to master best practice and working methods, support them in training and advance career, educate newcomers in accordance with the internal company culture requirements. More experienced employees help young employees to understand and accept their new status in the company, overcome difficulties of adaptation, participate in the assessment of working results of their persons under care.

- Every year trained personnel are graduated from educational institutions such as Kazan National Research Technological University, Nizhnekamsk Institute of Chemical Engineering and Lemaev College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining in Nizhnekamsk. Prospective specialists are selected even before graduation from an educational institution to work at our company. We evaluate not only the average student score but also participation in Olympiads and competitions. TAIF-NK selects the most proactive and the best students – says Galina Shimanskaya, Head of HR Department, TAIF-NK JSC.

Competent social policy is the company key to success

One of the measures to support all the Compony employees is the availability of an expanded benefits package that includes not only guarantees provided by labor legislation but also additional payments developed by the Company’s local regulations. These are vacation payments, expenses related to the implementation of social mortgages, financial assistance in various life situations, encouragement on the occasion of anniversaries and holidays, financial support for pensioners and etc.

TAIF-NK also invests heavily in improving the health of its employees. Each employee shall annually undergo a periodic medical check-up to confirm the ability to perform their work. Employees shall pass a general blood test and biochemistry, take a heart electrocardiogram, check hearing, make eyes check and many other things during the medical examination. Employees are examined by medical personnel such as an otolaryngologist, an ophthalmologist, a neurologist, a neuropathologist, an addiction psychiatrist, a dermatologist and a therapist.

The Company carries out systematic work to improve working conditions at workplaces, regularly monitoring potentially dangerous factors. TAIF-NK specially certified industrial hygiene laboratory specialists check each employee’s workplace conditions. They visit production site and measure noise, vibration, lighting, humidity and air temperature of the working area. The measurement results make it possible to identify hazardous and dangerous production factors. When certain deviations are detected, measures are developed for the purpose of subsequent elimination and prevention of industrial injuries and occupational diseases.

One of the forms of young employees’ active involvement in the social life of the Company is an employee belonging to the Company youth activities. Today, the active members of TAIF-NK JSC arrange various sports and cultural events, social events and creative literary evenings. Employees have an opportunity to develop their talents. It is very important Company's management attitude to such events. TAIF-NK General Director supports all youth initiatives very active.

Modern technologies, permanent updating of production plant, competent investment policy, skillful management and concern for people. This is only a small part of the factors that TAIF-NK JSC applies in its work. Safe working conditions, protecting the life and health of employees, ensuring reliable operation of hazardous production facilities and a competent personnel policy are still among the priorities of the Company's activities.

TAIF-NK is the largest Oil Refining Complex with high social responsibility that successfully works for the benefit of Tatarstan Republic economy for many years. The Company includes the Crude Oil Processing Plant, the Gasoline Plant, the Heavy Residue Conversion Complex. There are 51 names of produced products today at TAIF-NK. The main types of petroleum products produced are Diesel Fuel, Straight Run Gasoline, Motor Gasoline, Liquefied Petroleum Gases, Jet Fuel and Fuel Oil. All products produced by TAIF-NK JSC are of high quality which meets all standards, technical regulations and conditions, the best applicable environmental standards, and are in demand in the market as  well as confirmed by awards.

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