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August 17, 2018    17.08.2018

TAIF-NK again takes part in the republican charity event “Help me get ready for school”

The annual charity event “Help to get ready for school” started in the Republic of Tatarstan. The team of the center of social assistance to the family and children «Vesta» were the first who received colorful school bags and all the necessary stationery for the new school year from TAIF-NK. By tradition, representatives of the oil refining complex staged a theatrical festival for future first-graders and helped large-family and low-income family people to adequately make their children for school. TAIF-NK has been taking part in the republican campaign “Help me get ready for school” for more than ten years. For all this time, more than 300 children from the families in difficult situations have received new school bags and all the necessary school supplies.

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