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August 20, 2020    

TAIF –NK joined the republican charity campaign “Help to get ready for school”

The Refinery is among the first organizations in Nizhnekamsk to take part in the charity campaign “Help to get ready for school”.
TAIF-NK annually allocates funds to purchase schoolbags and stationeries for children from multi-child and low-income families. Thanks to the support of TAIF-NK, dozens of children receive the targeted assistance and families save the family budget.
The gifts were handed over at School No.16 and Vesta Centre for Social Help for Family and Children. Traditionally, the schoolbags contained every item required for school, eg. exercise books, diaries, drawing pads, colored paper, cardboard, pens, pencils, fiber-tipped pens, paints, pencil cases and many other things.
Recently, TAIF-NK has acquired the status of a reliable and responsible Company that carries out versatile charity work. The Company participates in many federal, republican and municipal projects as well as provides the significant financial assistance to health care, correctional and general educational institutions. Socially unprotected segments of the population do not remain unnoticed as well.
The Company provides assistance to veterans of the Great Patriotic War and allocates funds to support people with disabilities. The company pays special attention to the younger generation.



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