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October 21, 2022    

Students of Lemaev College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining visited TAIF-NK JSC

An open day was held at the Company. Students of Lemaev College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining were able to get acquainted with the production facilities of TAIF-NK JSC, learn the nuances of the operation of a particular unit, and communicate with highly qualified specialists. This institution is considered to be a real source of manpower for the oil refining industry.

The young people became convinced that TAIF-NK JSC was the leading oil refining company in Russia in terms of the output of light oil products from oil and gas feedstocks, as well as the processing complexity of the installations. As to the technological efficiency of oil refining, the Сompany is a leader not only in Russia, but also worldwide.

Ravil Abdrakhmanov, Head of Technical Upgrading and Advanced Development Department of TAIF-NK JSC, answered all the students' questions in detail, and in a relaxed manner not only spoke about the importance of modernization of production facilities, environmental and social programs, but also clearly showed the entire chain of oil refining on the example of motor gasoline. Head of Workshop No. 04 of the Gasoline Plant Production Facility No.2 Damir Sibgatov showed and told about the units and the principles of their operation, modern digital technologies and automation, which cover all technological processes of production..

— I like the processes that take place in the units, how gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene are produced. The company's employees explained everything in understandable terms. We also visited the control room, clearly saw what the work of the operators of process units was. I hope to come back here as an employee of the Company," Alexey, a 3rd—year student of the  Petrochemistry and Oil Refining College, shared his emotions.

Every person dreams of finding a favorite occupation in life that brings joy, benefits other people, as well as is well-paid. The possibility of employment after graduation from college is also important for choosing a profession," says Adela Khamidullina, a student of the  Petrochemistry and Oil Refining College, adding that she considers TAIF-NK JSC to be one of the promising employers.

TAIF-NK JSC is a vivid example of how to work with young people and increase the prestige of blue-collar jobs. This includes a comprehensive social policy, support for young specialists of the Company, for whom measures are envisaged to adapt them to working conditions, create conditions for professional growth and maximize the realization of creative potential, as well as close cooperation with specialized educational institutions for the selection of future employees at the training stage.

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