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December 4, 2021    

Special care: During Decade of Disabled People TAIF-NK representatives paid a visit to retired workers.

The traditional decade dedicated to the International Day of Disabled People has started in Tatarstan. The holiday is celebrated on the 3d of December in order to draw attention to the problems of rehabilitation and social adaptation of people with disabilities.  TAIF-NK JSC does not forget about its employees who have a disability. Every year, representatives of the Refinery visit retired colleagues at home. This year was no exception.  


In the care of TAIF-NK JSC there are 50 ex- employees having the status of a disabled person of the first, second or third group. These are people of various ages and professions. Regardless of the fact that many of them have not worked at the Company for a long time, they are remembered and taken care of. On the eve of the International Day of the Disabled People, the TAIF-NK staff prepared food packages for people with disabilities.


Within a few days representatives of the Company visited every retiree. They also visited Gulchara Valiullina. The woman worked in TAIF-NK for more than 20 years as a unit operator. She retired 15 years ago and underwent surgery on her legs. But despite her illness, she tries to keep a good heart as well as lead an active life. In summer she runs at a country cottage and in winter helps children and grandchildren. According to her, all these years, while she is retired, she feels the support of the colleagues.


- I would like to express my deep gratitude to our management. There are organizations that pay no regard to their disabled or retirees. Monetary assistance is transferred to our account on a quarterly basis. Besides TAIF-NK JSC pays bonus to the Day of the Chemist. You are kindly requested to hand over a letter personally to Mr. Novikov Maxim Anatolyevich, General Director of TAIF-NK JSC written by me from all my heart -said Gulchara Valiullina. 


Then the pensioner invited her colleagues to the table. Over a cup of tea, Gulnara Hasanovna told about her daily life as well as gave guests a piece of good advice. According to the woman, no matter how hard it is, the main thing is never give up and think positive.


Own workshop is dreaming even at night


TAIF-NK JSC representatives were met rather warm at a different address. Boris Kirillin - former Deputy Head of Workshop No. 13 of Crude Oil Processing Unit was waiting for the guests. Looking at this cheerful and fit man, it is difficult to imagine that in 2008 he had clinical death - his heart stopped. Doctors managed to bring him back from the death. Boris Fedorovich was retired in 2010. Prior to that event he worked in one place at the CDU/VDU Unit for 30 years.


-  Thank you that you took the time to visit us. Let God bless all our health. “I really appreciate it,” said Boris Kirillin.


Boris Fedorovich admitted that he missed work very much and closely follows the news at the Company.


- My own workshop is dreaming even at night, - said the pensioner.


TAIF-NK JSC representatives wished Boris Kirillin a long life and presented a food package.


The Lomtevs also remember the years of work at the Company with special warmth. More than thirty years ago Alexander Alexandrovich and Lyubov Arkadyevna began their career in the company at the Primary Crude Oil Processing Unit CDU/VDU-7 and having endured numerous reorganizations, they were retired from TAIF-NK JSC.


- It is very pleasant that we are remembered. And we, in our turn, have a recollection of our own Company. How many years we have devoted for the benefit of our Company, how many students we have brought up, I remember everyone by name - recalls Alexander Alexandrovich.


  - We visited our honored pensioners and people with disabilities at home with great pleasure.  They are waiting for us, they are very glad to see us. After all, the main thing for them not gifts but kindness, personal interaction and care- noted Mrs. Anisa Biktimirova, Chairwoman of Work Collective Council of TAIF-NK JSC.


It is worth noting that TAIF-NK renders assistance to the elderly and the disabled throughout the year. This year, on the International Children's Day, the Company provided charity support to the Association of Parents and Guardians of Disabled Children and presented gifts to every child. Presently, the Company affords the integrated support to the families bringing up 145 children with limited health capacities. Additionally, on the occasion of the International Children's Day, all the Company`s families with the disabled children received an annual cash award in the amount of RUB 5,000.00 from TAIF-NK.

TAIF-NK takes care of its employees. All personnel are protected by a social package, which includes guarantees and compensations provided for by labor legislation, as well as additional payments provided for by local acts of the Company.

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