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February 24, 2019    

TAIF-NK staff take part in the “Ski Track of Russia-2019”

• TAIF-NK staff joined the large-scale All-Russian sports event “Ski Track of Russia - 2019”, which was held in Nizhnekamsk on the 9th of February. Nearly eight thousand people participated in the event. More than 200 employees from all divisions of TAIF-NK came out to the starting line. Various length distances were prepared for participants. According to the results of the mass ski race, Ilfat Nabiyev, Pourer of Shop No. 07, the Crude Oil Processing Plant, took the top spot, and Marat Faizrakhmanov, Area Foreman of Shop No. 11, the Gasoline Plant, finished as the 4th in the 5 km distance track.
For the purpose of socially significant programs implementation, TAIF-NK gives special care to supporting and promoting healthy ways of life among its staff. The Company actively participates in all sports events and municipal arrangements.

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