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November 2, 2021    

Ramil Mullin, acting Head of the Executive Committee of Nizhnekamsk Municipal District of the Republic of Tatarstan visited TAIF-NK JSC

On Monday, November 1st, Ramil Mullin, acting Head of the Executive Committee of Nizhnekamsk Municipal District of the Republic of Tatarstan visited TAIF-NK’s facilities. During the presentation, Maksim Novikov, General Director of TAIF-NK showed samples of the produced products and told Ramil Mullin about the TAIF-NK’s performance indicators to date.  
A little later, the delegation went to the Crude Oil Processing Plant, where Ramil Mullin was told about the history of the Plant and its main units. It is here that the feedstock - high-viscous Tatarstan crude oil - come first. Naphtha - feedstock for petrochemicals, Kerosene and Diesel Fraction, Vacuum Gasoil and Vacuum Residue are produced at the Crude Oil Processing Plant as a result of processing.
Then the City and Company’s management went to the Heavy Residue Conversion Complex, which currently operates in the mode of integrating testing. During the tour, Maksim Novikov informed Ramil Mullin about the implementation of the first in Russia and the largest in the world production based on Veba Combi Cracking technology - a technology capable of processing a wide range of heavy feedstock under high pressure.
The use of Vacuum Residue as a feedstock, which is supplied to HRCC from the Crude Oil Processing Plant, allowed TAIF-NK to increase the depth of processing, while the yield of light oil products increased to record levels - 91.4 %. In the Central Control Room the HRCC’s employees told Ramil Mullin about the interaction of the entire process at the HRCC.
The next target was the Gasoline Plant. First of all Ramil Mullin, acting Head of Executive Committee of Nizhnekamsk Municipal District of Republic of Tatarstan, was interested in the list of products, and most of all, its quality. According to Maxim Novikov, General Director of TAIF-NK, a question of the product quality is a question of honor for the Company. All five-control stages are carried out in strict compliance with all norms and requirements. Testing laboratories have been established at each TAIF-NK plant in order to control the quality of feedstock and finished products.  In the Gasoline Plant alone, more than 40,000 samples of petroleum products are checked annually using high-tech equipment. The quality of TAIF-NK’s products was repeatedly confirmed by winning in the prestigious competitions for producers of «100 best goods of Republic of the Tatarstan» and «100 best goods of Russia».
 Also, at the Gasoline Plant, Ramil Mullin was most interested in the upgraded Petroleum Vapor Recovery Unit, which not only minimizes the environmental impact, but also in general, increases the production profitability. The operation is carried out in an automatic mode, where the constant control and monitoring of the process by personnel are not required.
The final point to visit was the In-Plant Wastewater Treatment Facilities - one of the large-scale and most significant investment projects of the Company that have already been implemented. The facility capacity is 500 cubic meters per hour. The multi-stage treatment process includes several stages. Over 5 years of operation, due to the In-Plant Wastewater Treatment Facility, TAIF-NK managed to treat 10 million cubic meters of process water and return it to the process thereby excluding water withdrawal from the Kama River.
Besides, during the meeting, Ramil Mullin, acting Head of the Executive Committee of Nizhnekamsk Municipal District of the Republic of Tatarstan, and Maxim Novikov, TAIF-NK General Director, discussed not only issues essential for economic well-being of the region, but also the issues regarding the social welfare of the company’s employees.


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