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Quick sales

 TAIF-NK PSC carries out online sales through an online trading platform ONLINECONTRACT.

By registering as a system client you will be able to participate in online sales conducted in the trading platform.

Registration procedure

Registration and participation in the auctions are free of charge.

The use of security deposits in the online trading platform ONLINECONTRACT will enable you to purchase product with guarantee of performance.

The following TAIF-NK PSC product range is represented in the trading platform (click to see quality certificates):

Granulated sulphur sort 9998
Heating oil
Vacuum gas oil B grade
Cat-cracking heavy gas oil sort 2
Road bitumen BND 60/90 grade
Technical kerosene KT-1 grade
Stable natural gasoline
Unleaded gasoline Regular Euro-92 type II
Unleaded gasoline Premium Euro-95 type II
Fuel oil M-100 (for the Russian Federation)
Fuel oil M-100 (for export)
EURO diesel fuel sort C, type III
EURO diesel fuel sort E, type III
EURO diesel fuel winter class 2, type III
Nafta of viscosity breaking
Jet fuel (RT) page.

Trading sessions are held daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Moscow time.

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