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August 18, 2011    


December 3, 6560 Nizhnekamskoe Vremya #18

Congratulations on the victory! To World Championship – together with TAIF-NK

Due to the support of TAIF-NK, a Kyokushin karate national team of Tatarstan Republic participated in the World Championship, where it gained a flawless victory.


Russian Newspaper # 7 (5383)

Out of competition. TAIF-NK General Director is recognized as a Manager of the Year in Tatarstan


An award ceremony for the winners of a Republican competition “Manager of the Year–2010” was held in Kazan. Again, among its winners was Alexander Babynin, head of an oil refining company TAIF-NK.


Rossiyskaya gazeta # 288 (5367)

The fuel is in the top list. TAIF-NK company gasoline has got into Top hundred Russian goods.

TAIF-NK Nizhnekamsk refinery complex became a prizewinner in Federal competition “Top hundred Russian goods”. The company was awarded for production of high-quality gasoline “Regular Euro-92” grade.


Nizhnekamskoe Vremya #51

Congratulations with the victory! TAIF-NK PSC goods are the best.

TAIF-NK PSC became a winner in just two competitions: regional and federal: “Top hundred Russian goods” and “Top goods of Tatarstan Republic”. Over 20 thousand companies and organizations presented about 50 thousand products at regional stage and about 20 thousands goods at federal stage competed for the right to produce the best goods of the country.


Oil and Capital Magazine №11

Deep modernization. TAIF-NK PSC increases its efficiency.

TAIF-NK PSC continues to modernize Nizhnekamsk Refinery Plant. For the last 3 years the company has increased the depth of oil refining per 8% and the light weight oil production per 14%. It has greatly strengthened its financial position. Otherwise the main reserves of its growth are largely exhausted. The effective increasing of the company’s efficiency is possible only with maximum deepening of oil refining (from present day’s 74,1% up to 98,5%). And TAIF-NK PSC is just preparing for starting this project’s realization.


Russian Newspaper # 89 (5168)

TAIF-NK PSC markets new generation fuel in Tatarstan Republic

The oil refining company TAIF-NK PSC was the first in Tatarstan, who began producing gasoline of "Euro-4" standard. Meanwhile, for many motor-car enthusiasts this conception means nothing or it is perceived as an expensive rare thing. The General Director of TAIF-NK PSC Alexander Babynin tells us how they are promoting the new product on the markets and what new projects are still being implemented by the company.


Nizhnekamskoe Vremya # 12

TAIF-NK PSC laboratory is the best!

A few days ago we got good news. They looked like that TAIF-NK PSC’s laboratory of gasoline plant became the winner of the competition "for outstanding achievements in the field of testing in 2009."90 laboratories of republic’s enterprises participated in the competition, which was organized by the Federal State Institution " State Regional Center of Standardization, Metrology and Testing in the Tatarstan Republic".


Nizhnekamskoe Vremya # 6

Congratulations! The deserved Reward of TAIF-NK from the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.

Today the TAIF-NK company's products are well known as in the Republic itself so far beyond of it. The motor fuel meeting all the Euro-4 international standards are producing here. In addition to qualified products, the company is also well-known as quality built system of management. Exactly thanks to them, the company wins one frontier after another. That's just one of the recent victories of the company.


Nizhnekamskoe Vremya # 3

Leaning Tower of Pisa miracle in Nizhnekamsk from TAIF-NK Company

According to the results of the contest for the best fur tree village decoration TAIF-NK PSC was awarded by the Diploma of the highest degree. The company was also awarded by the highest prize for the original New Year decoration of the village in Lemaev square, the main decoration of which was a wonderful Leaning Tower.


Nizhnekamskoe Vremya # 47

Quality is a key factor of success

TAIF-NK PSC gets the diploma of republican competition.

In the 19 th of NOVEMBER the Plenary session of the All-Russia forum of quality titled «The best experience is for the best life!» is hold on a hotel and recreational complex “Korston” in Kazan where Rustam Minnikhanov, the prime minister of RT, took part in . The session was devoted to the World Quality Day and the European week of quality WQD-2009.


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