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August 18, 2011    


March 23, 7500 “Top Builder” magazine № 5 October, 2012

TAIF-NK PSC: a stake on oil refining deepening

2012 became an important gain in TAIF-NK PSC development. In June the enterprise completely switched over to manufacture of diesel fuel meeting EURO-5 ecological standard, and on the 9th of November a capsule symbolizing beginning of Heavy Residue Conversion Complex building was laid on the factories’ territory. About that, how much the depth of refining will be increased, what types of fuel are already being been produced by TAIF-NK today is in the interview of the General Director Amil KALIMULLIN.


“Nizhnekamskaya Pravda” № 89 (9927) G. SUZDALTSEVA.

Light foundation for "heavy" processing

The president of Tatarstan Republic Rustam Minnikhanov, workers of Japan Embassy in Russia, top managers of TAIF companies group, representatives of domestic and foreign companies-partners, the head of Nizhnekamsk municipal area – participants of the event collected such a representative forum in petrochemical capital of Tatarstan. Solemn ceremony of foundation-stone laying into basis of the plant is the worthy beginning for a new project planned within long-term program of TAIF companies group oil refining capacities development, carried out in total conformity to Russian Federation governmental branch policy.


March 23, 6080 Russia 1 TV Channel

Package in program "Vesti v subbotu" ("Russia 1") about start of construction of the Heavy Residue Conversion Complex (HRCC) on TAIF-NK PSC

Логотип Россия 1


March 23, 8360 Russia 24 TV Channel

TAIF-NK’s Heavy Residue Conversion Complex (HRCC) Start-Up of construction in Russia 24 TV Channel News Broadcast

In Nizhnekamsk, in the territory of TAIF-NK PSC, a formal function took place to mark the start of construction of the Heavy Residue Conversion Complex (HRCC). For the first time in Russia, the company will work on technology Veba Combi Cracker.

Россия 24



Kommersant № 211 (4996)

TAIF-NK PSC recognized leader in quality

The company received the prestigious Russian Federation Government Award. The award from the hands Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation D.A. Medvedev has been received by the Director General of TAIF-NK PSC Amil Kamilyevich Kalimullin, on October 25.


“Respublika Tatarstan” № 218 (27375) Galina SUZDALTSEVA, “RT”

Quality as an indicator of firm style

In October, 25th, Chairman of Russian Federation Government Dmitry Medvedev presented to the General Director of TAIF-NK PSC Amil Kalimullin the laureate diploma of Russian Federation Governmental premium in field of quality.

Participation of profile ministers and experts in field of quality in rewarding ceremony did not only strengthen representation and solemnity of the ceremony, but also emphasized importance of Nizhnekamsk refinery workers’ achievements for various branches and first of all – for industrial and commercial spheres.

High Russian award which is conferred on those who rates quality as the major factor of competitive struggle in domestic and world markets, has found its’ residence in Nizhnekamsk this time.

It is necessary to say that Tatarstan producers not for the first time become owners of the governmental premium diploma. And here a new achievement, this time by TAIF-NK PSC.


Kazanskie vedomosti № 162 (5525)

Reward for quality and diligence

TAIF-NK PSC is the owner of Russian Federation Governmental premium in field of quality for 2011

In October, 25th in Awarding Hall of Russian Federation House of the Government at the fifteenth presenting ceremony well-deserved prizes and diplomas of RF Governmental premium laureates in field of quality were accepted form hands of Dmitry Medvedev by 8 organizations representing various spheres of economy – from organizations of social sphere to large industrial enterprises, TAIF NK PSC was among them. The prize and diploma of Russian Federation Governmental premium Laureate in field of quality were handed over to TAIF-NK PSC General Director Amil Kalimullin.


Industrial and Environmental Safety Magazine № 9 (71) September 2012

TAIF-NK PSC Ensures Waterworks’ High-Level Safety

As of today, a systematic policy of innovation is a basis of the development of TAIF-NK, one of the leading enterprises of Tatarstan’s industry. By implementing advanced and innovative technologies, the company not only keeps leadership in oil refining and oil product manufacturing, but also demonstrates high social responsibility by creating conditions for reliable and accident-free operation of hazardous production facilities. One of the examples of effective work in the area of industrial safety is creation of the conditions for stable operation of waterworks. As estimated by Privolzhsky Department of Rostekhnadzor*, a system was developed in TAIF-NK PSC that ensures safety level and waterworks emergency tolerance compliant with existing regulations.


March 23, 5000 TehNADZOR Magazine № 9 (70) September 2012

Through safety – to successful development

TAIF-NK PSC is a modern industrial complex holding leading positions in Russian oil refining industry. Based on its technical and economic performance, this public stock corporation is among the top ten oil refining companies country-wide and is the second major budget revenue generating enterprise in the Republic of Tatarstan.

All oil products are manufactured by TAIF-NK PSC in compliance with the Technical Regulations “About the requirements to motor and aviation gasoline, diesel and marine fuel, jet fuel and heating oil”. Gasoline grades, jet fuel and diesel fuel produced by the company have become laureates of the competition “100 Best Goods of Russia”. Almost half the products manufactured is exported that evidenced there is high demand for it and proves high quality standards.


Energy Strategy Magazine № 8 2012

Republic’s Oil Refining “Heart”

There is a saying “It's a poor soldier that never wants to become a general”. Likewise, a republic that traditionally used to be a hydrocarbons supplier gradually outgrew this role. Having rewritten the scenario dramatically, Tatarstan developed its own “black gold” refining sector and today petrochemical and oil refining industries constitute the basis of the economy of the Republic of Tatarstan. To a great extent, it is a merit of one of the major domestic enterprises operating in the manufacturing industry – TAIF-NK PSC.


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