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«Russian Newspaper» Region, August 2013.

TAIF-NK PSC: Potential – Strategy - Quality.

For many years the governmental energy strategy of Russia has been providing the raw vector development of the country and orienting Russian Energy to increase the amount of energy production with the purpose of export. Tatarstan Republic, which has large reserves of hydrocarbons and which is leading in oil production in Russia, has remained only as a supplier of raw materials for more than half century. The absence of oil refining industry as a major technological element affected the region’s whole economy and as a consequence, affected the development of the whole country. TAIF PSC created its own branch – TAIF-NK on territory of Nizhnekamsk industrial area in 1997 with purpose of implementation of these tasks. Today the Company is the leader of the oil-refining sector of Oil, Gas and Chemistry Complex of Tatarstan Republic.


«Business Russia» magazine. No. 8 August, 2013

Intensive development policy

Oil refining company TAIF-NK operates in Nizhnekamsk industrial area since 1997. Today it is a leading company which is in the top ten of country's refineries. Last year, the Company processed 8384 tons of raw materials, produced 8132 tons of products. The Company's percentage in the total volume of crude processing in Russia is 3.1% and 53.7% in Tatarstan Republic. The basis of modernization is the European Quality Standard. TAIF-NK is developing dynamically. Modern technologies and innovative management actively promote business growth of the Company. Transition to 100% EURO-5 European Quality Standard diesel fuel production and the beginning of Heavy Residue Conversion Complex construction are the significant achievements of the Company in the past year. The basis of new projects realisation is a complex of modernization processes ongoing in the Company. According to the project of Shell Global Solutions International the atmospheric gas oil hydro treating unit was reconstructed the capacity was increased up to 2015 tons of raw materials per year with the transition to production of EURO-5 diesel fuel. For the purpose of conversion of heating oil to high quality diesel fuel the second stage of reconstruction of atmospheric gas oil hydro treater was held and the productivity was increased up to 2,300 tons of raw materials per year. Innovation policy and modernization of production, as a strategically important factors in the development of the Company, are working for a good result.


«Russian Newspaper» enclosure in Kazan»: «Aircraft Construction» (August)

TAIF-NK PSC: Jet Fuel - Stages of «Takeoff».

TAIF-NK PSC activities, which is the largest modern refinery complex of Tatarstan Republic, are fully consistant with the trends of the global industry today. According to its technical and economic performance TAIF-NK is among the top ten oil refineries in the country. According to the depth of processing of raw materials - on sixth place. Innovation policy and modernization of production are strategically important factors for the development of the Company. The product range has high quality characterictics and is well known in Europe, Russia and Tatarstan.


“Industrial and ecological safety” magazine. No. 8 (82) August, 2013

TAIF-NK PSC: the future is formed today.

The main criterion of the Company’s work in modernization of production is striving to European quality standard. All fuel supplied to Russian Federation market must comply with EURO-5 standard starting from 2016. TAIF-NK continues leading among Russian conditions according to the rates of transition to production of high ecological standard fuel, going ahead of the given schedule. As a modern high-tech company TAIF-NK PSC produces goods, which satisfy the requirements of time. Systematic work on the modernization of production and the implementation of new technologies, which aim to perspective development of the Company, is inextricably linked with raise of products quality. According to its technical and economic indicators TAIF-NK is now among the top ten Oil Refining companies of the country, and is on 6th place according to the depth of processing the raw materials. The main vector of development is increasing the depth of oil refining, production of high quality and competitive oil products and intermediate products for the needs of the chemical and petrochemical industry of Tatarstan Republic. In this case, the criterion of all modifications is European Ecological standard of product quality. The systematic application of innovative technologies in the Company gives the needed results.


“Kommersnt” newspaper enclosure business partner Povolzhje.

TAIF-NK PSC: the vector of progress is quality

From total amount of petrochemicals manufactured in the Republic for 2012, the company has made 100 % of aviation fuel, 95,7 % of diesel fuel, 87,8 % of motor gasoline, 54,5 % of straight-run gasoline and 50,5 % of furnace black oil. One of the most demanded products manufactured by TAIF-NK PSC is motor gasoline EURO-4 to production of which the company completely passed in 2008.

Innovative-technological progress of the Republican economy is based on petrochemistry and oil refining. Among profile enterprises of Tatarstan Republic TAIF-NK PSC holds one of the leading positions as the leader of industry in rates of switching over of processing capacities to production of the highest ecological standard motor fuel. TAIF-NK PSC enters the Top ten of the county’s refinery companies by its’ technical and economic parameters and holds the sixth place by its’ oil refining depth. The list of main technological processes of the company include: oil refining, selling of petrochemicals and derivatives, as well as construction and operation of refinery industry. TAIF-NK PSC refining capacities include Refinery, Gasoline Plant and gas condensate processing industry, which basically use crude oil and gas condensate as raw material, making more than 30 names of goods which include gasoline, jet, ship and diesel fuel, liquefied and hydrocarbonic gases, and others. Special attention is paid at goods quality. For this purpose technological base of TAIF-NK PSC is constantly improved and developed taking into account world achievements of science and technology, modernization of industrial equipment is carried out, using innovative technologies. High consumer properties and quality of production manufactured by TAIF-NK PSC are invariably proved by prizes of prestigious competitions and exhibitions. The company is the laureate of Russian Federation Government premium competition in field of quality. This is the highest award that Russian enterprises considering quality as an important factor of competitive struggle in domestic and world markets, may get.


“Industrial and ecological safety” magazine. No. 6 (80) June, 2013

TAIF-NK PSC: Realization of labor safety projects – the real investment to effective production.

Labor safety is an important aspect of governmental policy directed at improvement of industrial process quality. Perfection of labor safety conditions is one of the most priority-driven guidelines in progress of economical sphere, and such problems are of current importance for industrial enterprises today.

TAIF-NK PSC is a large-scale industrial enterprise, the leader in sphere of refinery and petrochemical products sale. By results of 2012 the company enters top ten of the country’s refineries and takes the sixth place in raw material depth. The company manufactures 93% of refinery industry volume in Privolzhskiy Region and is one of the first-rate exporters of goods to European and Asiatic countries. In terms of economic activity and industrial volumes growth perfection of working conditions remains the priority guideline of activity, and safety is one of priority guidelines of enterprise’s development.

Integrated management system for meeting international standards: ISO 9001:2008 “Management system of quality”, OHSAS 18001: 2007 “Management system of professional health and safety”, ISO 14001: 2004 “Ecological management system” and EN/AS 9100:2009 “Management system of quality – requirements for enterprises of aircraft, space and defense industries” was among the first introduced, certified and is functioning in TAIF-NK company. Tasks and purposes the company makes it’s aims are formulated in “TAIF-NK policy in sphere of industrial safety, labor and environmental protection”. The document includes introduction of advanced methods and technologies providing safety of the staff, perfection and improvement of industrial and ecological control for compliance of technological requirements, requirements for industrial safety, labor and environmental protection, planning and application of preventive actions, aimed at prevention of emergencies and accidents, providing of safety and health protection of the staff.


“Kommersant” newspaper enclosure Business: Chemical industry. May, 2013.

Movement is the dominant factor of success

TAIF-NK PSC is dynamically developing enterprise acting on the territory of Nizhnekamsk industrial platform since 1997. Saved up potential, developed technologies, innovative management assist movement of the company to effective economy. 2012 became an important point in TAIF-NK PSC progress. In October the company was awarded with Russian Federation premium in field of quality that is confirmation of high qualitative and ecological characteristics of goods manufactured by the company, its’ competitiveness growth in Russian and world markets. In June the enterprise has passed completely to manufacture of European quality standard diesel fuel EURO-5. In November the company began construction of Heavy Residue Conversion Complex which will work on the latest Veba Combi Cracking technology. The new manufacture will allow to increase raw material processing depth up to the level not below than 95 % and increase maximally light petrochemicals output. After its’ input Russia will get the best by efficiency oil refining industry.

Chemical complex is a base segment of Russian economy laying foundation of its’ long-term and stable progress. Its’ condition and development determine the rate of Russian economy growth as a whole. Tatarstan Republic has always been one of the largest chemical industry centers of the country where petrochemistry and oil refining assist salving of a nation-wide problem — construction of economy with a high level development of industry.


"Industrial and ecological safety" magazine. No.5 (79), May, 2013.

TAIF-NK PSC: contemporary format of industrial development

Petrochemical and oil-refining industry is the basis of is innovative-technological progress of Tatarstan Republic economy. Just this area may considered to be the foundation for construction of new economy with competitive industry based on hi-tech branches with advanced infrastructure. One of leading positions in oil refining area of the Republic is held by TAIF-NK Company acting on the territory of Nizhnekamsk industrial platform since 1997. The enterprise develops dynamically, actively introduces new technologies. Modernization of manufacture carried out by the company is a bright example of successful realization of state and sectoral innovative programs.

2012 became an important point in TAIF-NK PSC development. 8384 thousand tons of raw material were processed at the enterprise, 8132 thousand tons of a commodity output were produced, the average loading of manufacture capacities has made 100,48 %. Past year the company’s share in total amount of oil raw material processing has made 3,1 % in Russian Federation and 53,7 % — in Tatarstan Republic.


"Tatarstan Elite" magazine, May, 2013

TAIF-NK PSC – the course for modernization and high-tech

The Day of chemical industry workers is a special holiday for Tatarstan. Our republic is one of the largest centers of Russia where chemical industry is system formative.

Petrochemistry and oil refining provide the foundation of innovative-technological development of republican economy and assist salving of mutual national problem - construction of new economy with competitive industry. Enterprises of this sphere represent a united cluster which components are in complete technological chain: from stage of exploring and oil extraction to final manufacture of the final stage hydro-carbonic raw material processing goods. Production of all Tatarstan enterprises has high competitiveness, liquidity in the world market. One of leading positions is taken by TAIF-NK Company - the leader of Russian oil refining industry in tripping of processing capacities to manufacture of high ecological standard motor fuel.


Industrial and Environmental Safety Magazine №3 (77) March 2012

TAIF-NK: effective management by ECOstrategy.

Today the tendencies of world industry development are clearly focused on salving problems connected with decrease of anthropogenic impact on environment. TAIF-NK PSC is an enterprise that successfully applies effective instruments for minimization of ecological risks. The company actively modernizes existing and expands construction of new technological objects, that, in turn allows to stimulate adoption of innovative projects and development of hi-tech manufacture of the basic production - fuel.


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