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August 18, 2011    


Online edition "Realnoye vremya"

Eco lessons, Paper Battle and large-scale clean-up: TAIF-NK takes an active part in sanitary two-month campaign

Employees of the oil refining company TAIF-NK JSC joined the central republican clean-up day Ecovesna-2022, the large-scale campaign to collect waste paper Paper Battle, and also conducted eco-lessons in schools in Nizhnekamsk. Environmental safety and reducing the negative impact on the environment are priority areas in the work of the oil refining company. Read the details in the material of Realnoe Vremya.


March 23, 7020 online media outlet «Realnoe Vremya»

Successes and achievements of TAIF-NK JSC in energy saving are awarded with the diploma of the international exhibition

Oil Refining Company is a laureate of the Republican Competition for best achievements in energy saving and energy efficiency Tatarstan International Forum on energy and energy resource efficiency has started at Kazan Expo. For three days, the Republic of Tatarstan and the exhibition complex have become the center of one of the largest thematic events in the country. This time, representatives of more than 60 companies and enterprises from all over Russia, as well as from three foreign countries, have come to the capital of Tatarstan. Oil refining company TAIF-NK also presented its achievements in the field of energy and energy saving. Read the details in the material of Realnoe Vremya.


Specialized Journal “Safety, Health and Environment”

TAIF-NK: Company's staff potential is work for future

People are undoubtedly the important resource of any company. Today, large enterprises in Russia provide modern and comfortable working conditions for their employees, trying to raise the profile of engineering and workers specialties the decline of which happened in the 90s. Competition for personnel reached maximum values in Russia even at the beginning of last year. Сritical labor shortages were particularly relevant in small towns. However, today we can already say that the labor market is recovering very actively. TAIF-NK as the largest refinery company considers that the key to success of any enterprise is regular training of qualified personnel and creating a favorable climate for their effective work.


Online media “Realnoe vremya”

Employees of TAIF-NK JSC won the medal places in “Alabuga Skills” competition

The results of the republican professional skill competition were summed up in Yelabuga More than 600 people from all over Tatarstan and neighboring regions went in for the professional skill competition “Alabuga Skills”. The seven employees of TAIF-NK defended the honor of their own company. Summarizing the results of the competition, the representatives of the refinery picked a whole bunch of awards. Who became the best of the best and who will go for a meeting with the president — refer to the material of the online media “Realnoe vremya”.


On principle of proactive work

The approach to solving process safety problems has significantly changed in Russia in the last few years. The current requirements in this area are regularly reconsidered and specified, due to changes dictated by dictated by the real sector of the economy. At the same time, the control over the compliance with all preventive measures is carried out by the state very strictly. Emergency prevention is approached holistically in a modern oil refinery, such as TAIF-NK JSC, strictly observing the legislation requirements at all stages of the production life cycle.


March 23, 8296

“Showing yourself and becoming an example”: professional skills competition held in TAIF-NK

More than 30 employees of the refinery demonstrated professional skills. TAIF-NK JSC hosted the professional skill contest “Best in Profession” among young employees of the Company. The main purpose of the event is to increase the professionalism and prestige of working professions in the oil refining industry. The competition with elements of WorldSkills has been held at the N.V. Lemaev College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining. Who became the best in their competence — refer to the material of the newspaper Realnoe Vremya.


TAIF-NK JSC: keeping up with the times

Petroleum and oil refining industries of Tatarstan play an important role in the economic life of the region. For many years, the Republic, possessing large hydrocarbon reserves and leading in oil production, was only a supplier of feedstock to other regions and foreign countries. However, with the emergence of such enterprises as TAIF-NK in the Republic of Tatarstan, the history of Tatarstan oil refining has changed dramatically.


March 23, 9880


Kazan hosted the 28th International Specialized Exhibition “Oil, Gas. Petrochemistry”. This event was included in the program of the Tatarstan Petrochemical Forum. More than 150 companies from Russia, near and far abroad countries participated in the Expo. TAIF-NK Refinery was among the permanent participants as well. All detail information you can find in “Real time” report.


March 23, 3080 The newspaper "Republic of Tatarstan", August 19, 2021

Healthy staff – the success of the company

The oil refining industry is fraught with many harmful and hazardous working conditions that directly affect the health of employees. That is why most companies in their social policy pay special attention to such an item as "Staff health". In order to maintain a leading position in the market, TAIF-NK Joint-Stock Company needs to be a leader in all areas. Personnel, investment in human capital is probably one of the key success factors for the company, because to solve ambitious tasks in the production sector, the company needs a healthy, goal-oriented team. And TAIF-NK understands this perfectly well, so all the company's activities in the social sphere are primarily aimed at taking care of the health and well-being of the staff.


Internet publication Realnoe Vremya, August 2021.

TAIF-NK JSC donated school bags and stationery to the future first graders from large and low-income families of Nizhnekamsk

On the threshold of the new academic year, within the framework of the republican charitable campaign "Help to get ready for school", TAIF-NK was again one of the first to present school bags and stationery to needy families from Nizhnekamsk. For many years, oil refinery has provided assistance to those for whom preparing a child for school is a large financial burden.


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