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August 18, 2011    


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Two milestone anniversaries of Tatarstan diesel fuel production - one of the main commercial products of TAIF-NK’s Crude Oil Processing Plant

Tatarstan oil refining has had two jubilees in 2022: it is the 20th anniversary of the commissioning of the Middle Distillates Hydrotreating Unit at TAIF-NK’s Crude Oil Processing Plant, which started the production of diesel fuel in the republic, and the 10th jubilee of the transition of TAIF’s Crude Oil Processing Plant to the production of Euro-5 diesel fuel. Read in Realnoe Vremya’s report about the stages of development of diesel fuel production and whether there is a limit to perfection.


online media outlet Realnoe Vremya

Record indicators: TAIF-NK presents its products at gas and petrochemical forum

One of the largest oil, gas and petrochemical forums opened at Kazan Expo International Exhibition Centre. In addition to a three-day business program, a plenary session involving the Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov, leading federal experts and the biggest exhibition TatOilExpo of achievements and developments of the oil and gas sector are scheduled here. TAIF-NK JSC — one of the leading oil refineries in Russia — traditionally participates in it. Read the details in the report of Realnoe Vremya.


Online edition "Realnoye vremya"

Evolution of bitumen: strategically important product by TAIF-NK

Indispensable link of the road pavement, reliable waterproofing for numerous residential and industrial facilities, roofing materials and much more: all these are bitumen.


March 24, 341 the newspaper "The Republic of Tatarstan"

TAIF-NK JSC team: healthy lifestyle is the aim of successful work

Health and safety of employees of any enterprise is always among the core values of the company. The provision of additional benefits, services and social benefits to the staff always generate interest in work of the team, and this is the key to the successful economic activity of the enterprise. С__are for people and their health is a special topic for TAIF-NK JSC. The Company clearly understands that the activities of enterprises in such areas as oil refining are associated with a certain number of risks for both the environment and human health. And we have to acknowledge and understand this. In addition, the working team is main and most valuable capital.


Online edition "Realnoye vremya"

TAIF-NK Gasoline Plant: Career Opportunities for Everyone

Any, even the most-up-to-date and highly automated production facility is not able to do anything without human participation. About how the personnel policy is being built at the Gasoline Plant of TAIF-NK JSC, highly qualified specialists working at the Company since its foundation, and young people who are ready to connect their lives with oil and gas processing — read in the continuation of the series of articles about the activities of the oil and gas processing complex of TAIF Group on the pages of Realnoe Vremya.


online media outlet «Realnoe Vremya»

Five stages of quality control at the TAIF-NK Gasoline Plant

One can hardly find a car owner in Tatarstan and the regions next to the republic who would not be familiar with the bright, modern filling stations equipped with the company colors with a winged snow leopard. And those who succeeded in estimation of quality of the fuel sold at these stations become the regular clients of the TAIF Group’s corporate network. But how is the quality control of gasoline carried out, is it only the Volga region that is familiar with it, and finally, who produces the gasoline, where and how is the gasoline produced, and is the slate of products limited to gasoline only? About all of this — in continuation of the materials cycle about the history of the TAIF-NK Refinery.


Online edition "Realnoye vremya"

TAIF-NK: the History of Tatarstan Gasoline

It’s hard to believe, but until 2005, the very concept of “Tatarstan gasoline” hadn’t existed. The republic, having the richest oil reserves, imported automobile fuel from other regions. TAIF Group undertook to improve the situation. About how the first gasoline plant in Tatarstan was created and the stages of its formation — read in the continuation of the series of materials of Realnoe Vremya about the history of TAIF-NK’s oil refining complex.


March 24, 1300 Online edition "Realnoye vremya"

Core value of TAIF-NK Crude Oil Processing Plant

TAIF-NK. It is not just modern production, massive equipment and complex units. First of all, these are people united by a common idea, who are able to make the right and bold decisions. Today we are talking about the employees of the Crude Oil Processing Plant — the heart of the enterprise, which has long been considered a real source of manpower. More than one generation of successful managers were brought up here. Read in Realnoe Vremya’s report whose hands the present day in the plant is being created with.


the newspaper "The Republic of Tatarstan"

TAIF-NK participates in the celebration of the Chemist’s Day

The Company’s top-quality staff members were awarded appreciation letters and state awards. Celebrations dedicated to the Republican Chemist’s Day were held in Nizhnekamsk. Rustam Minnikhanov, the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, expressed congratulation to the representatives of the chemical and oil refining industry. The official event took place in Neftekhim Arena. The best employees of the industry including employees of TAIF-NK JSC were awarded state awards. Detail information you can find in “Realnoe Vremya”.


TAIF-NK JSC: professionals are not born, they are made.

One of the main problems of economically developed Tatarstan is the shortage of working specialties. According to specialists of the labor market, the «paradoxical situation» in the Republic of Tatarstan is formed because school leavers today increasingly choose humanities and prefer to realize themselves in the fields of economy, law or business. TAIF-NK JSC actively works on popularization of working specialties. The company believes that one of the effective tools for the development of profession and its social status are contests of professional skills.


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