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August 18, 2011    


«Regionalnaya ekologicheskaya gazeta»

TAIF-NK PSC - the winner of the contest Ministry of Russia "Best Environmental Project of the Year"

 Urbanization, the increase in transportation, operation of landfills and discharge of polluted industrial wastes into water reservoirs, emissions into the atmosphere - are the main environmental problems worldwide. 75-80% of the negative effects in the ecology of cities is the result of the final consumption of commodity production - burning of gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil. For example, the burning of fuel oil significantly increases emissions of several pollutants are much higher than the cleaner burning natural gas.


“Tatar-inform”, Anvar Malikov

The companies and institutions of Tatarstan became the laureates of the premium “Best ecological project”

The solemn ceremony honoring the laureates of the premium “Best ecological project of the year” organized by the Ministry of Nature of Russia took place on December 11, 2008 in Moscow. According to the information provided by the press-service of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Tatarstan Republic, the following participating companies from Tatarstan became the laureates of the premium: TAIF-NK PSC in the category “Ecological efficiency of the economy”, Almetievsk municipal preschool educational institution “Child care center # 44”, and Almetievsk District Branch of the Russian Society of Nature Conservation.


March 23, 3840 “Kommersant”, Luisa Ignatieva

TAIF-NK mastered the credit

Yesterday, General Director of TAIF PSC Albert Shigaboutdinov told reporters that TAIF-NK (Nizhnekamsk, belongs to a group TAIF) all chose the means of syndicated loan of $ 500 million Company spent $ 243 million to refinance the portfolio of loans and $ 257 million - to corporate purposes, including working capital. In credit, organized by ING Bank NV and debt in March this year, 11 foreign banks were attended.


TAIF-NK mastered the means of a syndicated loan of 500 million dollars

TAIF-NK PSC fully chosen means of syndicated loan for 500 million dollars. This was announced by Director General of TAIF PSC, Albert Shigaboutdinov at a press conference on September 2 in Nizhnekamsk.


AK&M, Anvar Malikov

ING Bank N.V. arranged for TAIF-NK syndicated loan of $ 500 million

Nizhnekamsk refinery TAIF-NK received a syndicated loan of $ 500 million, organized by ING Bank N.V. As the press-center of the group of companies TAIF, is one of the largest groups of public transactions. It was attended by 11 foreign banks: ING Bank N.V., ABN AMRO Bank N.V. (RBS), HSH Nordbank AG London Branch, KBC Bank N.V., NATIXIS, Bayerische Hypo - und Vereinsbank Aktiengesellschaft, BNP Paribas S.A., Fortis Bank (Nederland) N.V., DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale Luxembourg S.A., LBBW Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg, Banque Cantonale de Geneve .


Neft & Kapital,

Alexander Babynin: “We intend to double the turnover and treble the net profit”

In 2007 the TAIF Company, which integrates the major part of oil refining, gas- and petrochemical facilities of Tatarstan, consolidated oil refining assets in its subsidiary company, TAIF-NK. Thus, what had been de facto for long, became de jure now: There is an integrated plant in Nizhnekamsk in operation which, in terms of production capacity and volume of output, is within the Russia’s top ten refineries.


Interfax – Povolzhjie

TAIF-NK petrol confirmed the compliance standard "Euro-4" and certified the production of bitumen

TAIF-NK petrol confirmed the compliance standard "Euro-4" and certified the production of bitumen. Kazan. June 6. Interfax-Povolzhjie - PSC TAIF-NK (Nizhnekamsk, is a company of TAIF) has passed the certification procedure of gasoline to meet the standard "Euro-4" and certified the production of road bitumen, according to the press service of the company.


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