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August 18, 2011    


September 1, 2021


Kazan hosted the 28th International Specialized Exhibition “Oil, Gas. Petrochemistry”. This event was included in the program of the Tatarstan Petrochemical Forum. More than 150 companies from Russia, near and far abroad countries participated in the Expo. TAIF-NK Refinery was among the permanent participants as well. All detail information you can find in “Real time” report.


August 19, 2021 The newspaper "Republic of Tatarstan", August 19, 2021

Healthy staff – the success of the company

The oil refining industry is fraught with many harmful and hazardous working conditions that directly affect the health of employees. That is why most companies in their social policy pay special attention to such an item as "Staff health". In order to maintain a leading position in the market, TAIF-NK Joint-Stock Company needs to be a leader in all areas. Personnel, investment in human capital is probably one of the key success factors for the company, because to solve ambitious tasks in the production sector, the company needs a healthy, goal-oriented team. And TAIF-NK understands this perfectly well, so all the company's activities in the social sphere are primarily aimed at taking care of the health and well-being of the staff.


August 15, 2021 Internet publication Realnoe Vremya, August 2021.

TAIF-NK JSC donated school bags and stationery to the future first graders from large and low-income families of Nizhnekamsk

On the threshold of the new academic year, within the framework of the republican charitable campaign "Help to get ready for school", TAIF-NK was again one of the first to present school bags and stationery to needy families from Nizhnekamsk. For many years, oil refinery has provided assistance to those for whom preparing a child for school is a large financial burden.


December 20, 2020 “Industrial, Environmental and Occupational Safety” publication dd 15. 11.2020

TAIF-NK: Health and Life of the Employee is the First Priority

State-of-the-art technologies, consistent upgrading of the production facilities, smart investment policy, proper management and concern for people’s well-being. This is only a minor part from the list of approaches followed by TAIF-NK. Even with our hardware-focused approach, still the prime concern for us are people, creation of favorable, and what is more, safe working conditions. Advanced complex of production facilities, where some of them are unique with no analogues anywhere in the world. Thousands of employees, whose job is directly involved in operating the hazardous process. This is all about TAIF-NK – one of Russia’s leading Crude Oil Refining Companies. Occupational and Industrial Safety are the key aspects of the Company business profile, since this entails an enormous running “organism”, where advanced technologies, sophisticated equipment and human resources are interacting together.


August 2, 2020

TAIF-NK employee is awarded medal of order of merits to the Fatherland, II degree

Processing unit repair mechanic of the sixth category at the mechanical repair shop of the Crude Oil Processing Plant of TAIF-NK JSC, Rafis Sakhabiev has been awarded the order 'For Merits to the Fatherland' of II degree for his labour achievements. The award ceremony was held in the Kazan Kremlin, where Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan, Farid Mukhametshin, presented state awards of Russia and Tatarstan to outstanding residents of the republic.


July 15, 2020

Taking care of people: how TAIF-NK keeps up employees’ health

Every year TAIF-NK invests huge funds in improving the health of its employees. To confirm the ability to perform their job functions, each employee is sent annually for a periodic medical examination. This year, in the challenging environment due to the coronavirus pandemic, 3,494 employees will undergo medical examination in compliance with all the necessary sanitary and epidemiological requirements established by the Russian Federation government. Thanks to support of the TAIF Group and TAIF-NK management, additional examinations - screenings are carried out annually as part of a periodic medical examination.


May 20, 2020 15.05.2020 Magazine «Health, safety and environment»

TAIF-NK allocates more than a billion rubles to improve the environment in the region

Environmental protection and safety is the essential condition for the successful operation and development of business for TAIF-NK JSC. The company management counts the issues regarding the environmental friendliness as a company’s priority of the highest order. The company objectively evaluates and minimizes environmental risks by investing heavily in environmental improvement of the region and reducing the negative impact on the environment. For example, last year the company spent over 1.1 billion rubles to protect nature and implemented dozens of environmental activities.


May 18, 2020 17.03.2020 the newspaper "The Republic of Tatarstan"

TAIF-NK JSC: in the mode of social responsibility

Support and development of socially significant projects and programs are one of the key activities of TAIF-NK JSC over a period of many years. Adhering to the principles of high social responsibility, the Company traditionally pays special attention to creating the positive environment at the enterprise. The priority is the implementation of housing programmes for workers, targeted aid to war and labor veterans, low-income families and physically disabled people, support for culture and sports.


November 18, 2019

A unanimous decision: Nizhnekamsk Citizens Vote for the Construction of a New Heater at TAIF-NK

This construction project will not affect the environmental situation. According to expert opinion, will allow to reduce emissions into the atmosphere TAIF-NK is planning to construct a new Heater designed for warming up Vacuum Gas Oil at the site of Heavy Residue Conversion Complex. After the Heater design has undergone all required expert examinations, the Company arranged public hearings, where they presented to Nizhnekamsk citizens, members of the Community Council, and local government the engineering documentation and environmental impact assessment materials. The meeting took place the previous evening in the Tatarstan Cadet Corps named after the hero of the Soviet Union G. Safiullin. All details are in the material of “Realnoe Vremya”.


August 6, 2019

The key to successful business: how TAIF-NK improves its efficiency

Internal audit is firmly established in the system of control over all processes of the company and the activities of the employees at TAIF-NK PSC. Regular inspections within the company help to keep under control the work of the entire enterprise and to eliminate the arising difficulties in time. Marina Prusakova, the head of the internal audit service of TAIF-NK PSC, told about more details in the interview.


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