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A friendly and highly qualified team of professionals presented TAIF-NK Joint Stock Company at the republican professional skill competition “Alabuga Skills”. Eighteen employees of the Сompany went to the competition with the most combative mood to prove to colleagues, and, above all, to themselves the importance of labor improvement and professional growth.

"Alabuga Skills" over the years of its existence has turned into not just a respected and sought-after competition, but has become a real republican brand that attracts the best of the best representatives of working professions. This year, winners in 22 professions were identified at the competition sites. In each of the nominations, the participating companies had the opportunity to present two employees. And if last year seven representatives from TAIF-NK went to the neighboring city (three of them became prize–winners), then this year their number has more than doubled - 18 people in 9 nominations.

- In such competitions, we, first of all, set tasks to develop the personnel potential of the Company. At the competitions, our employees can exchange experience and compare themselves with the best professionals of the republic. At the same time, we bring our experience to our colleagues," said Anton Tukhvatullin, the Head of the Technical Training Group of TAIF–NK JSC.

This year, “Alabuga Skills” competition was marked by a number of significant decisions. Firstly, the age limit was removed - and the competition turned from a youth competition into a competition for all ages. Secondly, the winners and prize-winners of previous years got the right to participate in the competition, which added competitive excitement to it.

Bulat Nasibullin, an electric and gas welder of the 6th category of Workshop No. 13 of the Crude Oil Processing Plant of TAIF-NK JSC took the coveted title of winner from Yelabuga last year. In this, the level of claims for a young professional turned out to be no less ambitious.

- This year, the mood is also combative," Bulat shared. – My training took place mostly in the work process, because at work I have to do everything that is offered here as tasks.

For Nasibullin, he admitted, this competition is an opportunity to realize himself professionally. Monetary remuneration also matters, but to a lesser extent. The most important thing, he believes, is to prove to yourself that you can achieve more.

Welders, metrologists, turners and millers competed at the site of the Yelabuga Polytechnic College, competencies in electrical installation, industrial automation and laboratory chemical analysis were held at the educational center “Alabuga Polytech”, which is located in the Special Economic Zone “Alabuga”.

Two young, but already successful workers competed for the victory in the competition of laboratory assistants from TAIF-NK: Gulnur Kurbangalieva (Gasoline Plant laboratory) took second place at “Alabuga Skills” last year, and Veronika Shugurova (Crude Oil Processing Plant laboratory) has already won the corporate professional skills competition twice.

- It's easier at work than at the competition, - Gulnur admitted – There you know what kind of instruments and equipment you have, and here you encounter them for the first time.

- From the moment I found out that I would become a participant in this competition, I began to take a different approach to the instruments, I just began to look at them attentively, - Veronika told about her serious preparation for the competition.

When asked why they chose TAIF-NK, the girls answer almost identically: good working conditions, high wages, stability and the opportunity to realize themselves. At the competition – including.

The abolition of age restrictions made it possible for very experienced specialists to participate at “Alabuga Skills”. In the competence of "industrial automation" TAIF-NK was represented by the Deputy Chief Instrumentation Engineer of the Crude Oil Processing Plant, Ildar Khaibullin, whose experience at the Company has been 21 years, and the Lead Engineer of the Automated Process Control System of Workshop No. 01 of the Crude Oil Processing Plant, Alexey Gordeev, working at TAIF-NK for the tenth year.

- I got the job at the Company as an instrument man of the 4th category, – Ildar said. - It seems to me that not only work as such is important for professional growth, but also the team. Here I always admit to everyone that I go to work with pleasure.

- There is no doubt that there is an opportunity for career growth at TAIF-NK, - Alexey believes. – You just have to fully devote yourself to work. I got a job here as an engineer of the 2nd category, and now I'm a lead engineer, so the development is obvious.

Judging by the impressions and emotions, the competition was liked by representatives of all ages and professions of the Crude Oil Processing Plant. Its results will be summed up at the end of February at the final meeting of the Board of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan.


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