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November 24, 2020    

Products of TAIF-NK JSC once again became the winner of the contest “100 best goods of Russia -2020”

According to the results of the All-Russian contest "100 best goods of Russia" in 2020, the products of TAIF-NK JSC yet again were recognized as the winner.

Jet Fuel, Grade RT became the laureate of the contest in the nomination:  “Industrial and consumer goods”.

Viscous Petroleum Road Bitumen Grade BND 70/100 became the diploma winner in the same nomination.

For reference:

The All-Russian Contest "100 Best Products of Russia" is one of the oldest and most authoritative contests in the sphere of quality, which was established on a scientific basis under the auspices of RosStandart, Interregional Public Organization "Academy for Quality" and Promotional Agency "Standards and Quality". The main aim of the project is to support domestic producers, encourage them to constantly improve the quality and ensure competitiveness of products. TAIF-NK JSC is in the leading positions of oil refining not only in Russia, but also beyond its borders. Participation in this contest is an effective opportunity to confirm the high quality of company's products by independent experts.


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