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Crude Refining Plant


Production facilities #1 – Crude Distillation

Production facilities #2 – Middle Distillates Hydrotreatment

Production facilities #3 – Tank Farm


Production facilities #1 – Crude Distillation

Workshop No.1, Refinery– Distillation of sulfur crude oils and petroleum products production

Workshop No.2 – cracking of sulfur crude oils and petroleum products production

Workshop No.6, Refinery, Bitumen production

CDU VDU -7 unit with a revamped vacuum section

An oil refining unit CDU/VDU-7 with a revamped vacuum section is designed to process a blend of crudes and target cuts that present feedstock for the units of a basic complex of TAIF-NK PSC and Ethylene production facility at Nizhnekamskneftekhim PSC. The unit was put into operation in 1979. Its annual capacity in terms of crude processing is 7.344 mln. The vacuum section was revamped and commissioned in May 2003. In the course of 30 years of operation, the CDU/VDU-7 unit has processed some 185 million tons of crude.

Vacuum Residue Visbreaking Unit (Visbraker)

The unit is designed to process vacuum residue from the vacuum section of CDU/VDU-7 by means of thermal cracking with production of a fuel oil component. The unit was constructed based on the licence issued by Shell. The vacuum residue processing capacity is 1.8 mln tpa. It was launched together with the vacuum section in May 2003.

Road Bitumen Unit

The unit was based on the design of an Austrian firm Pörner (Bituroks® technology) and is designed to produce 138 thousand tpa of oxydized road and industrial bitumens. The unit was put into operation at the beginning of 2007.

Final products are shipped via a loading rack as well as by road and railway.


Production facilities #2 – Middle Distillates Hydrotreatment

The Complex was put in operation in 2002 and is designed for treatment of atmospheric Gas Oil of straight-run Kerosene Fraction from sulfur compounds and production of commercial diesel and jet fuels. This Complex includes the following Units:

 Workshop No.3 – Natural Gas conversion

 Hydrogen Production Unit

 The Unit is designed is designed to generate hydrogen through steam catalytic conversion. The Hydrogen Production Unit with annual capacity 16.2 thousand tpa in terms of product was

developed by the Howe-Baker company by the order of the ABB Lummus Global company.

The unit was commissioned in 2002. As a result of revamping conducted in 2013 Unit capacity increased till 19.2 thousand tpa in terms of hydrogen.


Workshop No.4 – Sulfur Petroleum oil hydrotreatment

 Kerosene and Diesel Fuel Hydrotreatment Unit

The middle Distillates Hydrotreatment Unit is based on a desulphurization process with the use of catalysts produced by Criterion.

It produces:

  • Hydrotreated gas oil with sulfur content max 0.001%;
  • 610 thousand tpa of Hydrotreated Kerosene Cut.

In the period 2011-2013 the Unit was revamped which allowed to produce diesel fuel of ecological class EURO-5 and to increase capacity in terms of sour gas oil to 2,300 thousand tpa.


Workshop No.5 – Elementary Sulphur Production

Sulphur Recovery Unit with granulation section

The Unit is designed to recover elementary sulphur out of sour gas hydrogen sulfide with application of the Claus-process under the license of the Parsons company. The Unit was put into operation in January 2003. As a result of revamping performed in 2014, the design capacity of the Unit with production of  granulated sulphur increased from 35.14 to 55.113 thousand tpa.

Besides those mentioned above, a number of auxiliary facilities are operating including an amine treatment section and an amine regeneration unit, a sour water stripper etc.


Production facilities #3 – Tank Farm


Worskhop No.7 – filling, discharge and storage of dark sulfuric oil products

Workshop No.8 – filling, discharge and storage of light sulfuric oil products

This segment comprises a raw material and commodity base, vacuum gas oil tank farm and Fuel Oil Storage Facility with loading racks and is designated for:

  • feedstock supply and storage;
  • railway and motor vehicle shipment of products: jet fuel, heating kerosene, summer and winter diesel fuel, vacuum gas oil, granulated sulphur, heavy catalytic gas oil, furnace oil, and Fuel Oil.
  • diesel fuel shipment via a main pipeline in the direction Naberezhnye Chelny – Kazan – Nizhniy Novgorod


Workshop No.09 – local treatment of industrial waste water

The main purpose of Workshop is formation of closed water cycle whereby treatment degree achieves 99.99% which allows to reuse water in the process and completely exclude water withdrawal from Kama river. Industrial waste water treatment laboratory is capable to process 500 m3 /h of different water flows including flows which contain residues of petrochemical products. It includes:


  • Preliminary treatment block is designed to protect main facilities against  garbage, volley of sewage and emergency discharge of contaminations, to control unsteadiness of supply of untreated waste water to main treatment facilities.
  • Physical and chemical treatment block is designed to treat preliminary clarified waste waterfrom Preliminary Treatment Block from particulates and oil products.
  • Biological treatment block is designed for biological oxidization of organic compounds, oxidization of ammonium nitrogen to nitrites and nitrates with further reduction to nitrogen molecule, chemical deposition of phosphorus compounds, ultrafiltrational separation of activated sludge and treated waste water.
  • Demineralization Block is designed to treat waste water transferred from Biological Treatment block from dissolved substances (ions and salts), as well this block is required to provide possibility of waste water recycle. In accordance with regulatory documentation and process diagram total salt content in industrial water introduced to plant shall be max 500 mg/l.
  • Dehumidification block of oil productsand sediments is designed for dehumidification of watered oil products, sediments and excessive sludge formed during water treating process. This will allow to reduce volume of sediments  by 10 times, as well to reduce content of oil products in it which can significantly simplify its disposal process (biodegradation).  The quality of dehumidified oil product allow directly transfer it to oil refining process without additional processing stage.


Auxiliary Workshops:

 Workshop No.11 – Instrumentation

Workshop No.12 – Electrical

Workshop No.13 – Maintenance

Workshop No.15 – Interconnections, Water Supply Systems and Sewer System Maintenance Area

Workshop No.16 – Central Plant Laboratory etc.

 In 2021 the Crude Oil Processing Plant processed as follows:

  • Petroleum Feedstock in the volume of 6,389,344 thousand tons;
  • Light Cracked Oil from the Gasoline Plant in the volume of 17,542 thousand tons;
  • Sour Gas from the Gasoline Plant in the volume of 10,219 thousand tons;
  • Diesel Fraction from the Gas Condensate Processing Unit of the Gasoline Plant in the volume of 222,946 thousand tons.

In 2021 the oil refining efficiency reached 87.78%, the yield of target petroleum products was 77.66%, the yield of light petroleum products was 53.53%. In 2021 the volume of commercial products produced at the Crude Oil Processing Plant amounted to 5,711,642 thousand tons. The commercial products are as follows:

  • Diesel Fuel summer/off-season, grade DT-L(E)–K5 in the volume of 1 948,201 thousand tons;
  •  Diesel Fuel winter, grade DT-Z–K5 in the volume of 378,410 thousand tons;
  • Jet Fuel, grade RT in the volume of 81,248 thousand tons;
  • Straight Run Gasoline according to the Technical Specification in the volume of 959,482 thousand tons;
  • Bitumen Petroleum in the volume of 93,659 thousand tons (including polymer-bitumen binders);
  • Granulated Sulfur, grade 9998 in the volume of32,134 thousand tons;
  • Heating Oil, grade M-100 in the volume of 772,721 thousand tons;
  • Vacuum Gas Oil/ Petroleum Fuel of vacuum distillation in the volume of 1,445,787 thousand tons;
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