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Company’s personnel

TAIF-NK’s PSC human resources policy aims to engage highly qualified specialists in the Company’s production process and to use people’s skills and knowledge with maximum efficiency in order to receive stable income from production of competitive commodities.

The main fields of the Company’s human resources policy are as follows:

  • Identification of factors impacting the need for personnel in accordance with the Company’s development strategy, the amount of product output, technologies used etc.;
  • Analysis of professional and qualification structure of the working personnel and the staff the Company is looking for;
  • Identification of qualitative (identification of compliance with professional qualification criteria, analysis of employees’ abilities to execute the production plan) and quantitative (forecast of general demand for personnel, staff rotation assessment) needs for human resources.


The personnel of the Company is characterized as follows:

Personnel breakdown by categories of occupation






2019 2020

Number of employees, including




3995 3945 3864










































5 employees of the Company possess a PhD degree.

The number of young people aged under 35 for the 1st half of 2021 is 41.2 % of the total number of personnel.



Qualitative composition of the personnel


Data 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

With higher education, %

47,8 49,3 49,3 49.3 49.1 48.9

With secondary vocational education, %

21,2 22 23,4 23.9 24.6 25.2

With basic vocational education, %

23,2 19,2 18,3 17.6 17 16.6

With secondary education, %

7,7 9,5 5 5,3 5.3 5.4

With basic education, %

0,1 0 4 3,9 4 3.9



Personnel training

One of the major tasks of TAIF-NK PSC in its relations with the employees is to constantly improve their qualification levels in accordance with changing production and social situations.

Training of employees is conducted on the basis of a detailed study of the Company’s needs.
Initial training, further training and professional development of blue-collar workers employed by the Company are conducted in a petro chemistry and crude oil refinery college of Nizhnekamsk.

In order to ensure the Company’s management staff and specialists continue to improve their qualifications, TAIF-NK PSC has an agreement with the Institute of Further Professional Training of Kazan State Technological University.

The Company considers the development of new employees to be very important, and organizes professional training for new employees. Professional adaptation implies active professional development, acquisition of necessary professional skills and development of competencies. For this purpose, a professional training is organized for newly employed personnel.

Employees are rotated for the purpose of adequate valuation of employees’ potential and the smartest use of their professional, intellectual and creative abilities. The rotation is organized on a regular basis and for all categories of employees.

Any employee with adequate education, work experience, professional and personal skills as well as moral and ethical principles required in order to perform respective functions of a desirable position are eligible for inclusion in TAIF-NK PSC’s candidate pool. Listing in the company’s candidate pool enables a candidate to qualify for a higher paid position once a vacancy is available in TAIF-NK PSC.


Social security of employees

TAIF-NK PSC aims to safeguard the health and wellness of its staff, offer social protection, improve of employees’ labor efficiency, develop a healthy psychological climate and to provide social support to the company’s personnel and wider society.

Compulsory medical insurance for personnel, and occupational injury and disease insurance, is organized at the expense of the Company. In 2018, agreement was concluded with SOGAZ AO with regard to voluntary medical insurance of employees.

Various kinds of social welfare payments and services are also granted to employees at the expense of the Company:

  • monthly financial assistance to women who are on maternity leave;
  • one-time financial assistance for the birth or adoption of each employee the parent of the child;
  • financial assistance for the wedding;
  • financial assistance for the birthday, the anniversary of the employee;
  • financial aid to the employees, dismissed in connection with the retirement age within three months from the day the retirement age;
  • financial assistance to workers who have children with disabilities;
  • financial assistance to pensioners and disabled groups 1 and 2, former employees of the Company (resigned for health reasons.)


The management of TAIF-NK PSC actively runs a policy aimed at provision of comfortable housing to the employees. The Company developed and integrated in 2015 special programme “Additional housing programme” to already operating housing programmes “Social Mortgage” and “Development of industrial estates”. In 2018 31 employees improved their housing condition. Total area of apartments in 2018 amounted to 1,7 thous. m2

Traditionally, as a major budget revenue generating enterprise, TAIF-NK PSC actively participates in organization and conduction of municipal and republican campaigns and activities and makes a significant contribution to the development of the city and the district.

The Company provides support to social welfare institutions, healthcare, educational, scientific, physical training and sports institutions, low-income citizens and retired individuals.

TAIF-NK PSC is a great support to the development of sports in the Tatarstan Republic. The Company is a general sponsor of sports club “TAIFMOTORSPORT” participating in the prestigious rally and track series.

Recognizing that social responsibility is crucial for generating improvements in efficiency and competitiveness across all business lines, TAIF-NK PSC is continuing its support of various social projects in 2018.

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