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December 24, 2021    

On principle of proactive work

The approach to solving process safety problems has significantly changed in Russia in the last few years. The current requirements in this area are regularly reconsidered and specified, due to changes dictated by dictated by the real sector of the economy. At the same time, the control over the compliance with all preventive measures is carried out by the state very strictly. Emergency prevention is approached holistically in a modern oil refinery, such as TAIF-NK JSC, strictly observing the legislation requirements at all stages of the production life cycle.

Today TAIF-NK JSC is one of the most advanced oil refineries in the world in terms of technological equipment and the level of extraction of high-quality light oil products. Efficiently developing, the company focuses on the implementation of innovative projects, the development of high-tech industries, improving the quality of products and the development of new types of products. Along with this, activities aimed at conservation of peoples’ lives and health remain one of the priorities for the company.


An important area of work in the field of Industrial Safety is the development of professional knowledge and competencies of employees. TAIF-NK JSC clearly understands that the safety of the Company in general is closely related to the responsible attitude of everyone at their workplaces.


Fire relay competition on a Сup of TAIF-NK JSC is one of the elements of providing fire safety and prevention in hazardous facilities of the enterprise. Workers of the company annually prove in theory and, most importantly, in practice that they are absolutely ready for emergencies.


To do gas rescue works and works to eliminate emergency oil spills in TAIF-NK JSC facilities, a certified non-staff emergency response team has been operating in the company since 2008. In the event of emergency situations, its specialists provide first aid to the injured, before the arrival of the gas rescue team, they carry out an emergency shutdown of productions and all necessary measures in a gas-polluted environment with the use of insulating personal protective equipment.


TAIF-NK JSC workers weekly improve their safety prowess on special stands imitating a real pipeline, field instrumentation, complex switchboard equipment. The workers improve the skills that are necessary for the production’s safe operation precisely in practical lessons.


Within the walls of their native company, employees also pass special testing. Online qualification test is carried out by Rostekhnadzor, under the spotlight of video cameras. Having entered the system using a personal username and password, an employee passes the test. Each specialist has individual number of sections on industrial safety issues. Weekly 30-40 Company’s employees pass the qualification test.

In general, TAIF-NK JSC is working in a proactive manner. In case of an accident or emergency, the human factor plays a key role, therefore, in addition to regular mandatory training, the company learns the experience of accidents in other enterprises.

Constant progress, development and implementation of modern technologies in production, expansion of the scope and geography of services are the realities for TAIF-NK JSC. In terms of the level of tasks, the quality of the result and the efficiency of work, they fully comply with the main criteria of the leader company in the Russian oil refining industry.


Dear employees and veterans of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision!

On behalf of the entire team of the company and me personally, in honor of your professional holiday, please accept sincere wishes of good health, stability and success in your activities!

The importance of the tasks that Rostekhnadzor solves requires from each of you exceptional competence and experience, unconditional fulfillment of professional duty. This is a work worthy of respect and all praise, a noble mission that is of invaluable importance for the life of every person and the state as a whole!

I am sure that the professionalism and responsible attitude of Rostekhnadzor employees will help to continue to ensure compliance with required norms and standards in various industries. May your high responsibility and efficiency at work always be the key to safety in production!


Novikov M.A.

General Director of TAIF-NK JSC

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