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August 17, 2020    

Kamskiye Polyany holds kart racing competitions for TAIF-NK Cup

The tenth traditional republican karting competition for the TAIF-NK Cup took place at the go- kart track in Kamskie Polyany (urban-type settlement). This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, a decision was made to reduce the number of participants and limit seats for attendances. The races were held in compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological requirements.
Almost 50 pilots from 9 to 16 years old from all over Tatarstan took part in the anniversary karting races. Racers competed in four classes - "Pilot", "Strizh" and "125-Standard", "Honda-200".
Republican kart racing competitions for TAIF-NK Cup in Kamskiye Polyany are held with the support of Rushan Shamgunov, General Director of the Сompany. Realizing the importance of children and youth sports development, the oil refining company annually acts as a sponsor and covers the costs of the races arrangement, fuel and prize money.
The result of the races: the first places were taken by participants from Sarmanovo.
Aisylu Yusupova became the best among girls, in the "Pilot" class – Almaz Mahmutov, in "125-Standard" - Almaz Akhmedov, in "Strizh" class - Airat Yusupov, in "Honda-200" class - Ilham Khametshin. The winners received memorable gifts as well as the main prize - the TAIF-NK Cup.


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