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April 30, 2019    

Irina Permyakova, employee of TAIF-NK PSC, becomes winner of the competition “The best specialist in labor safety and industrial safety”

The results of the municipal competition of professional skills among specialists in labor safety have been summed up in Nizhnekamsk.
More than 170 representatives of companies and enterprises have participated in the contest this year. TAIF-NK was represented by two employees: Irina Permyakova and Salavat Shaehov. The participants of the competition were to undergo testing and skills examination (in the form of a business game). The contestants were investigating emergency situations and industrial accidents, identifying violations of labor safety and industrial safety, arranging occupational safety activities, solving conflict and non-standard situations, applying personal protective equipment, rendering first aid to the injured in the workplace. Competition results showed the winner: first place was awarded to Irina Permyakova, labor safety specialist of TAIF-NK PSC.

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