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May 9, 2022    

Invaluable memory: TAIF-NK participated in the celebration of the 77th anniversary of Victory Day

 TAIF-NK JSC participated in the celebration of the 77th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. According to tradition, the main celebration in Nizhnekamsk on May 9 took place at the Victory Monument. Maksim Novikov, General Director of TAIF-NK JSC together with honored guests - veterans, home front workers, as well as Albert Karimov, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan – Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan, Ramil Mullin, Head of Executive Committee of Nizhnekamsk Region laid flowers on the Victory monument and paid a tribute to the perished soldiers by a minute of silence.

— Victory Day is a special holiday for the whole country. It is a truly folk, valuable and meaningful day for every person. It is a celebration of courage of our nation. This day, which unites all Russians, makes each of us proud of our fathers and grandfathers. We thank them for peaceful skies. We mourn for those who gave the most valuable - their lives for the sake of us, living today, - said Maksim Novikov, General Director of TAIF-NK JSC.

The triple salvo of shots in memory of the fallen heroes and 77 doves released into the sky became a symbol of peace, joy and at the same time an action of sorrow for those who gave the most valuable - their lives for the sake of the Great Victory.

Further events continued at the mass grave of the 80th Ski Battalion. Employees of the Company paid tribute to the memory of countrymen who died on the fronts of the war. In the afternoon, TAIF-NK employees with a large and friendly team, carrying portraits of their relatives, walked along the main avenue of Nizhnekamsk, joining the All-Russian action «Immortal Regiment».

35 thous. people took part in the Immortal Regiment of Nizhnekamsk. Representatives of different generations together, shoulder to shoulder, marched with portraits of their heroes, who have their own unique history. Each of the participants of the All-Russian action wanted to preserve the memory of the heroism of his ancestors during the Great Patriotic War, pay tribute to the memory and respect to each veterans.

Dear veterans of the Great Patriotic War, war children and home front workers!

On behalf of the whole staff of TAIF-NK JSC and on my own behalf, let me congratulate you on the state and national holiday - Victory Day!

May 9 is the date of great soldier’s glory and sorrow of the peoples of Russia. On this date, tears of immense pride and plain-hearted joy merged together. Paying tribute to the memory of our fallen countrymen, front-line soldiers, our veterans who passed away, honoring the now living frontmen, we understand that thanks to their heroism and courage on the front line, and dedicated work on home front, the Great Victory was achieved. Your courage and patriotism have become an example of service to the Fatherland. Your wisdom and moral courage, fortitude and love of life will light the path of many generations of your countrymen. On this festive day with all my heart, I wish you peace, good health and happiness! Happy Victory Day!

                                                            Maksim A. Novikov, General Director of TAIF-NK JSC   


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