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September 11, 2012

The International specialized exhibition “Oil. Gas. Petrochemisry-2012” in Kazan held under support of the President and the Government of Tatarstan Republic has completed its work.

More than 250 Russian and foreign companies have taken part in the exhibition. Among them is TAIF-NK PSC – a regular participant of the annual exhibition in Kazan.

In conjunction with the 19th International exhibition there have been organized several forums in which the top officials of our Republic have taken part. The Director General of TAIF-NK PSC A.K. Kalimullin has made a report on “The use of bitumen of TAIF-NK PSC production in the road construction” in the roundtable on “The increased use of petrochemical products in the republican production in road and capital construction” under the chairmanship of the President of Tatarstan Republic R.N. Minnikhanov.

According to the results of the competition on “The best exhibit, project or technical solution” organized as part of the exhibition, TAIF-NK PSC has been awarded the diploma of the 1st degree in the nomination “Production with new or improved characteristics”  for the development and introduction of  diesel fuel EURO-5” . TAIF-NK PSC has also received the Diploma of the Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia for implementing innovative and environmentally sound technologies in the production of diesel fuel EURO-5.

 TAIF-NK PSC is one of the largest companies of our region providing petrochemical productions with resources. Reaffirming its leader positions the Company has been currently implementing a strategically important project for the development of the whole oil industry – the construction of the Heavy Residue Conversion Complex; after its launch the production of highly sulphur fuel oil with growth of output of light high value oil products will be excluded, and the refining depth will reach 95%.



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