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June 25, 2012

TAIF-NK starts commercial operation of production of diesel fuel of environmental standard "EURO-5" at full capacity.

On Jun. 25, 2012 TAIF-NK PSC put into commercial operation the production of diesel fuel of environmental standard "EURO-5". For the first time in Russia, the company switched to 100% producing diesel fuel fully consistent with international quality standards. The ceremony was attended by President of the Tatarstan Republic Rustam N. Minnikhanov, General Director of TAIF PSC Albert K. Shigaboutdinov, Head of Nizhnekamsk Municipal District, Mayor Nizhnekamsk Aidar R. Metshin, General Director of TAIF-NK PSC Amil K. Kalimullin and other officials.

News package on TV channel "Russia 24" about starting the production of diesel fuels environmental standard «EURO-5" to TAIF-NK.



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