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August 23, 2013    “Industrial and ecological safety” magazine. No. 8 (82) August, 2013

TAIF-NK PSC: the future is formed today.

The main criterion of the Company’s work in modernization of production is striving to European quality standard. All fuel supplied to Russian Federation market must comply with EURO-5 standard starting from 2016. TAIF-NK continues leading among Russian enterprises according to the rates of transition to production of high ecological standard fuel, going ahead of the given schedule.

 As a modern high-tech company TAIF-NK PSC produces goods, which satisfy the requirements of time.

Systematic work on the modernization of production and the implementation of new technologies, which is aimed at perspective development of the Company, is inextricably linked with raise of products quality. According to its technical and economic indicators TAIF-NK is now among the top ten Oil Refining companies of the country, and is on 6th place according to the depth of processing the raw materials.

The main vector of development is increasing the depth of oil refining, production of high quality and competitive oil products and intermediate products for the needs of the chemical and petrochemical industry of Tatarstan Republic.  In this case, the criterion of all modifications is European Ecological standard of product quality. The systematic application of innovative technologies in the Company gives the needed results.

The key to success is development.

In 2012, the Company was one of the first in Russia to start the production of EURO-5 standard diesel fuel (summer and winter), and completely stopped the production of diesel fuel of lower class. The “five” has high ecological characteristics: the content of sulfur is reduced to minimum, low content of aromatic hydrocarbon, high cetane number. Such quality of product allows to optimize the process of fuel combustion in the engine and helps to reduce the opacity of exhaust gases. Production of EURO-5 diesel fuel became possible only after the implementation of certain stages of the comprehensive program on modernization of technological equipment: the gas oil hydro treating unit was reconstructed to increase the capacity, agreements for license and the implementations of projects with Shell Global Solution (Netherlands) were done, additional hydro treating reactor was made, catalyst system was increased by 200 m3, vacuum dewatering column and heat recovery section of hydro treating reactor were mounted. Today, the result of TAIF-NK specialists’ work can be experienced not only by Tatarstan Republic consumers, but also by Russian and European consumers. EURO-5 diesel fuel is supplied to own market and for export in fourteen European countries. The beginning of producing ecologically clean fuel is a real contribution into improvement of environment protection activities, held by the Company, and is the technological step to the new level environmental sphere.

The Best is in priority.

Tendency to link the production modernization processes and policies on environmental safety and protection of the environment together is a prerequisite for perspective development of the Company. The construction of Heavy residue Conversion Complex (HRCC) is a clear confirmation of this. The construction of a new production was announced in 2012. This is a large-scale, capital-intensive project and it has strategic importance for the country. The principal purpose of HRCC construction is to except the production of fuel oil with high level of sulfur by the growth of light highly refined oil products, that are made in compliance with international and European quality standards, which can satisfy the needs of the chemical and petrochemical industry of Tatarstan Republic, and which will be directed to export. Depth of oil refinery will increase from current 75% to the level not less than 95%. This means that oil refining will become almost waste-free, which has a positive impact on the environment of the region.

The HRCC project is initially innovative. The Complex will operate high-tech production. Vacuum residue hydro conversion units will be built using unique technology called “Veba Combi Cracking” (VCC). Hydrogen and sulfur productions, several auxiliary systems and commodity parks will also be constructed. As the result of TAIF-NK strategic development plans, which include the project of HRCC realization, reconstruction of middle distillates hydro treating and catalyst cracking complex and increasing their capacity, the volume of products (nafta, LHCG, diesel fuel, kerosene) will increase. The entire list of the Company’s products will have improved ecological characteristics – low sulfur, aromatic and volatile hydrocarbons, which will significantly improve the environmental situation in the region. While designing the Complex, advanced energy saving technologies and activities that would reduce the negative impact on the environment both from designing and existing objects of the Company are expected to be implemented. This project will give the country refinery production with the best efficiency.

TAIF-NK PSC is constantly being improved. The fact that implemented projects use modern innovative technologies is a guarantee of saving and increasing the competitiveness of products, manufactured by the Company, in the European, Russian and national markets. Results achieved so far are a springboard for further significant growth of the Company, the development of which is based on a synthesis of professionalism and understanding the importance of tasks.

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