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TAIF-NK PSC: Jet Fuel - Stages of «Takeoff».

TAIF-NK PSC activities, which is the largest modern refinery complex of Tatarstan Republic, are fully consistent with the trends of the global industry today. According to its technical and economic performance TAIF-NK is among the top ten oil refineries in the country. According to the depth of processing of raw materials - on sixth place. Innovation policy and modernization of production are strategically important factors for the development of the Company. The product range has high quality characteristics and is well known in Europe, Russia and Tatarstan. In 2007, in order to expand the range of TAIF-NK PSC products and to satisfy the consumers demand for aviation fuel was decided to produce RT GOST 10227-86 grade jet fuel. As a rule, the basis of the start of production of a new product consists of modernization processes in the Company – beginning of the jet fuel preparation was the start of production of the first experienced samples of Tatarstan fuel by TAIF-NK. Designed capacity for the production of jet fuel is 610 thousand tons per year. The first 40 tons of fuel were released during product testing period. The first commercial batches of Tatarstan Republic grade jet fuel started being shipped in 2008. Successful testing and certification of compliance with requirements of oil products of the highest category preceded this event. In 2009, the industrial production of jet fuel was started. Thus, the product received a pass to the Russian market, and TAIF - NK received the right to implement it to a wide range of consumers. In 2010, as a result of additional tests of fuel, the Company received a Decision on the admission of this fuel for use in military aircraft. Nowadays, the Tatarstan Republic grade fuel is admitted to use in both civil aviation and military aviation technology without restrictions. 61.9% of jet fuel produced by the Company goes to native market and 38.1% of it – for export. Quality of jet fuel produced in Tatarstan Republic is characterized by improved ecological characteristics: the actual sulfur content is 0.02% by weight at a rate of not more than 0.1% by mass. The Tatarstan Republic grade jet fuel produced by TAIF-NK is a successive winner of the contest “100 best goods of Russia” and “Best goods and services of Tatarstan Republic”. This is a striking confirmation of the fact that aiming at European Quality Standard is the main criterion of the Company. The actual implementation of investments and production of competitive oil products allows TAIF-NK PSC to stay on leading position of Tatarstan Republic Oil Refining Industry.

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