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October 25, 2012

TAIF-NK PSC has received the Russian Federation Government Award in the field of quality.

On October 25, 2012 the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation D.A. Medvedev has awarded the Russian Federation Government Awards in the field of quality. The event has taken place at the Awards Hall of the Government House in a solemn atmosphere. The Prize and diploma of the Laureate of the Russian Federation Government Award in the field of quality has been received by the Director General of TAIF-NK PSC Amil Kamilyevich Kalimullin. The Minister of Industry and Trade D.V. Manturov, the Head of Rosstandart G.I. Elkin, representatives of relevant ministries and agencies, experts in the field of quality and standardization, representatives of public organizations have taken part in the rewarding ceremony. The Russian Federation Government Award in the field of quality is the highest award that may be received by the Russian companies focusing on quality as an important factor in the competition in domestic and international markets.

The activity of TAIF-NK PSC is annually rewarded awards at the federal and regional lеvels. Among them are the awards for significant contribution to the economy of Tatarstan Republic, for development of labor market institutions in the production sector, for progress in the field of quality and ecological management. The above achievements are the result of effective management decisions and cohesive team of professionals. There is a certified integrated system management (ISM) of quality, industrial safety, health, safety and environment that effectively runs in TAIF-NK PSC and complies the requirements of four international standards: ISO 9001:2008 «Quality management systems», ISO 14001:2004 «Ecological management systems», OHSAS 18001:2007 «Professional health and safety management systems», AS/EN 9100 Quality management systems – Requirements for institutions of aviation, space and defense industries. The ISM systematically and efficiently enables to provide a stable development of the Company relying on production of petroleum products which meet the world standards and customer needs, the increase in capitalization, fair and mutually beneficial relationships with partners, the improvement of quality of life for employees, ensuring environmental and occupational safety in all spheres of its activity.

 In 2011 TAIF-NK PSC decided to participate in the competition for the RF Government awards in the field of quality. The competition procedure contained the preparation of a report in strict compliance with criteria of the award model. The criteria for evaluation included the following directions: the leading role of the management, the staff, the policy and strategy of the enterprise in the field of quality, partnership and resources, processes, products and services, employee satisfaction, consumer satisfaction with the quality of products and services, the enterprise’s impact on society and results of its work. The competitive survey of the enterprise was held in two stages: in absence (the enterprise formed a report to provide expertise) and in presence (the committee of experts checks the validity of the materials submitted on site). The final evaluation was represented in the form of expert review where the committee indicated the strengths of the enterprise, and the areas where some improvements might be introduced. It contained the value in scores as well. According to the results of two stages of the Competition and under the Resolution of the Russian Federation Government No.485, dated May 16, 2012 the RF Government Award 2011 in the field of quality was awarded to TAIF-NK PSC.

 The criteria and methods of evaluating the participants of the Russian contest are harmonized with the European award in the field of quality and are the guidelines for introducing the advanced international approaches to management and competitiveness. This fact proves the high level of TAIF-NK PSC’s activity and the presence of opportunities necessary for further stable growth and achievement of all its goals.

 The Company’s victory on the competition has become the evidence of efficient operation of its management system and the Company’s leading role in the petroleum refining industry. It has shown the opportunities of producing high-quality and competitive products as well.  



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