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August 4, 2017    04.08.2017

TAIF-NK decides the Best Team 2017 among the voluntary fire guards

On August 3rd, 2017 in Fire Station No. 33 of FSI «1st team of Federal Firefighting Service GPS of RT» the fire relay competition took place among TAIF-NK`s voluntary fire guards. The competition was carried out in order to improve alert status and workmanship of the staff who is directly involved in firefighting operations, to exercise psychological and physical qualities required for works to be performed under extreme conditions.

The competitions were held in several stages including both tests of theoretical knowledge and of fireman`s working knowledge. The teams competed for quickness, smartness and skill for firefighting equipment using at all stages including a 100-meters race in a gas mask, target knock down by a fire hose, boom and fence crossing, burning liquid extinguishing. There were individual and team competitions. The teams of Heavy Residue Conversion Complex, a TAIF-NK`s new facility under construction, took part in the competitions for the first time.
Based on the competition results, the winning places were distributed as follows:

Team fire relay:
1st place – workshop No.06, HRCC;
2nd place – workshop No.12, HRCC;
3rd place – workshop No.11, Gasoline plant.
Individual competition for theoretical training:
1st place – Rail Shaidullin, instrument operator, workshop No.11, Crude Oil Processing plant;
2nd place – Rail Shaidullin, operator, workshop No.07, Gasoline plant;
3rd place – Anton Napolov, operator, workshop No.09, Crude Oil Processing plant.

Competitions among TAIF-NK`s voluntary fire guards take place annually. One again, fighters of voluntary fire guards prove their skills in obstacles crossing and their experience in firefighting equipment using, as well as good organization during all stages of the competitions.

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