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January 11, 2018    30.09.2016

TAIF-NK congratulates all their veterans of labour on International Day of Older Persons

On the eve of International Day of Older Persons TAIF-NK traditionally arranged festive celebration for all their veterans of labour. Today the company’s veteran community number is around 500 people who worked at one of the biggest refinery of the Russian Federation and nowadays are at well-earned rest.

They are retired but the destiny of their own company is still rather interested in. At the big festival table which comprises more than 470 people they could remember everyday working life and discuss hot news.

The Company’s management keeps in mind their veterans of labour and arranges different ceremony on regular basis. In honor of calendar date as per labor contract applicable at TAIF-NK each member received one-time payment in the amount of 1 thousand RUB. They who couldn’t attend the ceremony because of health the company’s employees visited them and convey congratulations and handed over food gift basket.

Besides gala lunch, TAIF-NK veterans attended concert of on-stage performance groups from Nizhnekamsk and Naberezhnye Chelny.

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