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July 20, 2012

On July 20 under championship of TAIF-NK PSC have been held the competitions on fire relay among the units of Voluntary Fire Guard.

Annually the company TAIF-NK holds the competitions in fire-applied sports among its employees, the main goal of which is the improvement of skills and increase in willingness of the employees to extreme situations.

The competition was attended by 22 teams. Contenders for accuracy knocked target by running water, put out the flames on speed, overcame the obstacle course in the fire rescue relay.
The competitions were held in difficult weather conditions. The intermittent rain added a sport passion for participants.

The first-degree certificate and challenge cup were rightfully awarded to the team of the workshop 02 of the oil refinery plant of TAIF-NK PSC. The members of this team were the most nimble and showed excellent skills in the application of fire and technical equipment.

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