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August 24, 2012

On August 23 in the Social Support Center for families and children “Vesta” has held the event under Republican charity campaign “Help Get Ready for School”.

TAIF-NK PSC has been annually supporting children from large and low-income families. The support is traditionally targeted: on the Knowledge Day more than 30 children of the town and the district will go to school with beautiful and comfortable school rucksacks – presents from the enterprise team. Boys and girls considered beautiful pencil cases, colorful pencils, new pens and notebooks with interest – all the school supplies were in the school rucksacks and caused genuine joy of the children.

The theatrical entertaining performance about school the participants of which were the future first-graders, delighted both the children and their parents who were very active as well. The 1st of September shall become a real holiday for all first-graders. Participating in the campaign “Help Get Ready for School” gives to children from families of all incomes opportunity to feel only happy emotions going to school.


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