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August 21, 2012

On August 21 the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak has visited TAIF-NK PSC.

While touring with the oil and petrochemical industry of Tatarstan the Head of RF Ministry of Energy Alexander Novak together with the President of Tatarstan Republic Rustam Minnikhanov has visited the Kama area of the republic. In Nizhnekamsk the guest has learnt the work of the leading industrial enterprises of the town, including TAIF-NK PSC, where he has been presented the latest diesel fuel production of standard EURO-5 and the project of a new Heavy Residue Conversion Complex.

Today the oil refinery plant TAIF-NK PSC has completely switched to production of diesel fuel of European standard of quality “EURO-5”, thus completing the first phase of a new development program for its plant in accordance with the objectives set by the Government of our country. It is planned to produce annually about 2 million tones of diesel fuel of standard EURO-5 from 2,6 mln. tones of heavy residues.

The implementation of the project Heavy Residue Conversion Complex (HRCC) aimed to enhance oil refinery with increase in selection of light oil products is at the present stage the most strategically important project for the development of the whole oil refinery industry. In 2016 as a result of completing HRCC TAIF-NK PSC plans to increase the oil refining depth to 95%.

The progress of production objects of TAIF-NK PSC has been introduced to the Minister of Energy of RF by the Director General of TAIF PSC A.K. Shigaboutdinov, the Deputy Director General TAIF PSC V.V. Presnyakov, the Director General of TAIF-NK PSC A.K. Kalimullin.

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