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In November-December, 2012 reconstruction of gas station NCH-04 (exit road to Menzelinsk, M-7 highway Naberezhnie Chelni - Ufa), state farm Sosnovoborskiy region) and gas station SR-01 (Sarmanovskiy region, Dzhalil township) have been finished.

In June, 2012 TAIF-NK PSC gas stations have passed for realization of Summer diesel fuel "EURO-5", and in December, 2012 - for Winter diesel fuel "EURO-5".


On March 15, 2010 fuel cards TAIF-NK accepted for the following petrol station LLC Karsar in Kazan:

  • Gas station No.1 "TAIF-NK"
    (Kazan, 48 Lukina Street, Аviastroitel'nyj district);
  • Gas station No.2 "TAIF-NK"
    (Kazan, Vasilchenko Street, Moscow  district);
  • Gas station No.3 "TAIF-NK"
    (Kazan, Chuikova Street, Novo-Savinovskij district,  intersection Chuikova and Adoratskogo Streets);
  • Gas station No.4 "TAIF-NK"
    (Kazan, Prospekt Pobedy Street, intersection of the Orenburgskij trakt and Prospekt Pobedy);
  • Gas station No.5 "TAIF-NK"
    (Kazan, 8 Spartakovskaya Street, next to the shopping and entertainment complex "Suvar Plaza"); 
  • Gas station No.6 "TAIF-NK"
    (Kazan, Modelnaya Street, Novo-Savinovskij district,  intersection Modelnaya and Technicheskaya  Streets);
  • Gas station No.7 "TAIF-NK"
    (Kazan, Gabisheva Street, near the car market);
  • Gas station No.8 "TAIF-NK"
    (Kazan, Safiullina Street; intersection  Safiullina Street and  Prospect Pobedy);
  • Gas station No.9 "TAIF-NK"
    (Kazan, Tankovoe  kol'tso, opposite the  hypermarket "Bahetle");
  • Gas station No.10 "TAIF-NK"
    (Pestrechinsky district, the route Kazan - Naberezhnye Chelny, 854 km, village of Shali);
  • Gas station No.11 "Tatsol"
    (Zelenodol'skij district, Isakovo village, on the left after the bridge through  river Sviyaga);
  • Gas station No.12 "TAIF-NK"
    (Kazan, 1 Moskovskaya Street, opposite the Palace of Sports);
  • Gas station No.13 "TAIF-NK"
    (Kazan,144 Orenburgskij trakt, entrance to the city of Kazan);
  • Gas station No.14 "TAIF-NK"
    (Kazan, Severnaya ob"ezdnaya Street,  road M-7, the route Moscow-Ufa, 796 km.).
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