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September 2, 2013    «Business Russia» magazine. No. 8 August, 2013

Intensive development policy

Oil refining company TAIF-NK operates in Nizhnekamsk industrial area since 1997. Today it is a leading company which is in the top ten of country's refineries. Last year, the Company processed 8384 tons of raw materials, produced 8132 tons of products. The Company's percentage in the total volume of crude processing in Russia is 3.1% and 53.7% in Tatarstan Republic.

The basis of modernization is the European Quality Standard.

TAIF-NK is developing dynamically.  Modern technologies and innovative management actively promote business growth of the Company. Transition to 100% EURO-5 European Quality Standard diesel fuel production and the beginning of Heavy Residue Conversion Complex construction are the significant achievements of the Company in the past year. The basis of new projects realisation is a complex of modernization processes ongoing in the Company. According to the project of Shell Global Solutions International the atmospheric gas oil hydro treating unit was reconstructed the capacity was increased up to 2015 tons of raw materials per year with the transition to production of EURO-5 diesel fuel. For the purpose of conversion of heating oil to high quality diesel fuel the second stage of reconstruction of atmospheric gas oil hydro treater was held and the productivity was increased up to 2,300 tons of raw materials per year. Innovation policy and modernization of production, as a strategically important factors in the development of the Company, are working for a good result.

TAIF-NK PSC was awarded the Russian Government Prize in the field of quality, which is the confirmation of the high quality and ecological characteristics of the Company's products. The whole range of TAIF-NK products, which includes 25 items: gasolines, jet and marine fuel, diesel fuel, road bitumen, liquefied petroleum gases and others have high competitiveness. The most demanded product is automobile gasoline of EURO-4 ecological standard, to production of which the Company completely passed in 2008. Almost the half of the products is exported to fourteen European countries. The total retail sales if TAIF-NK is also growing through its own network of petrol filling stations,  which consists of 28 stations.


The basis of work is responsibility.

Today, the world industry trends are clearly focused on the tasks related to the reduction of anthropogenic impact on the environment.

TAIF-NK is the Company which successfully uses the effective tools to minimize the environmental risks. The basis of this process consists of new energy saving technologies and modern production methods. An effective system of environmental management aimed to increasing the level of environmental safety of production objects, optimizing the use of natural resources and pollution prevention was created in TAIF-NK PSC along with this, and it is successfully operating today. The company successfully works to improve the environmental performance of products - all gasolines are produced in compliance with EURO-4 international environmental standards, diesel fuel produced in compliance with EURO-5 European quality standard  has high quality features. To achieve European quality of this product the ecological characteristics have been improved. So, if the fuel was produced with a sulfur content 10,000 ppm in 2000, by 2012 this index decreased to 10 ppm.


Today the company is constructing a Heavy Residue Conversion Complex using the unique technology Veba Combi Cracking (VCC), developed by the engineering company Kellogg Brown and Root. VNIPIneft has formulated technical requirements for projects and equipment. As the designer and supplier of equipment for installation VCC the Toyo Engineering Company was selected. It is expected that the oil refining depth will not be less than 95%. The new production will make it possible to bring the refining depth to a level not less than 95%, and to maximize the production of light oil. After implementation of it Russia will get the refinery with the best efficiency.

Components of success.

TAIF-NK PSC is constantly improving the management of its business. The Company implemented an integrated management system to ensure good results, the and certified it for compliance with four international standards. Successful certification is just part of the job. In order to optimize the management system, the work on the project «Development of automated management systems of production and economic activity of TAIF-NK on SAP platform» has been started. This project contributes the qualitative analysis of existing business processes, controls the indicators, on  which the efficiency of the Company depends. The effectiveness of the Company is directly related to its personnel policy. TAIF-NK pays special attention to the formation of the labor collective. The system of personnel retraining uses the entire arsenal of modern teaching methods: seminars, qualification improvement courses, target courses, internships in relational Russian Companies. Attracting the graduates of specialized schools, such as Petrochemistry and Refinery College, "KNRTU" NCTI ensures continuity of Republican Petrochemical Production School generations. At each stage of its development TAIF-NK strives to achieve European standards, which is a continuation of Russia's strategy to the development of the oil refining industry. TAIF-NK provides a consistently high quality of its products, competitive and innovative potential of the Company by active improvement, implementing the new technologies both in production and management system.

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