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March 7, 2014

In TAIF-NK PSC was held a concert, devoted to International Women's Day.

The 8th of March is one the most cheerful holidays, which always gives a wonderful mood, a belief in the power of goodness and hope for renewal. On the eve of the holiday TAIF NK PSC presented a perfect gift to its employees.

Enterprise veterans, workers of the Crude Refining Plant, Gasoline Plant, Heavy Residues Conversion Complex, workers of TAIF-NK PSC management gathered at the city’s Ice Palace, where a festive concert with Russian pop stars Leonid Agutin and Anjelika Varum was held. The most romantic couple of Russian stage performed gentle and lyrical songs, which were fully consistent with the pre-holiday atmosphere.

In TAIF-NK PSC it has became a good tradition to held the events, which brings together all of the Company's employees. That happy mood, which the festive evening gave, will stay in collective for a long time.

Dear women! TAIF-NK PSC collective wishes a Happy Spring for all of you! Thank you for hard work and support, understanding and wisdom, for the great ability to make the world more beautiful and happier, kinder and more generous. Let the spring bring you joy and good luck. Be happy and be loved!



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