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November 29, 2012

TAIF-NK PSC is the laureate of competition “100 best goods of Russia 2012” and the winner of competition “Best goods and services of Tatarstan Republic 2012”.

In November, 29th, 2012 a solemn ceremony of rewarding the winners of All-Russian competition “100 best goods of Russia” and Republican competition “Best goods and services of Tatarstan Republic 2012” took place in Kazan Town Нall. Awards to the winners were presented by the Prime minister of Tatarstan Republic Ildar Halikov.

TAIF-NK Company has got diplomas of laureate over competition " 100 best goods of Russia 2012", in nomination "Industrial and technological production":
  • Road bitumen BND 60/9 grade

Diplomas of laureate over competition “Best goods of Tatarstan Republic” for manufacture were won by TAIF-NK companies’ production:
  • Unleaded gasoline Premium Euro-95 grade
  • Road bitumen BND 60/9 grade
  • Jet fuel RT grade
  • Diesel fuel Euro, grade A, B, C, D, E, F, type П

TAIF-NK PSC production for many years becomes the winner of competition, both at republican and federal levels. Active work on modernization of manufacture and introduction of advanced technologies allows the companies’ production to be competitive. TAIF-NK PSC successfully solves high industrial and technological problems.

Passing ahead of technical regulations approved by Russian Federation Government, since 2008 all gasoline at manufacture is produced according to international ecological standard EURO-4. In 2012 the enterprise the first in Russia switched over to 100 per cent manufacture of EURO-5 European quality standard diesel fuel. In November, 2012 the company began construction of Heavy Residue Conversion Complex which will work on up-to-date technology Veba Combi Cracking, thus depth of oil refining will be maximally increased, and production share of high-quality light oil will rise up to 95%.

The All-Russian Competition of "100 best goods of Russia 2012” Program is arranged annually and directed at revival of quality traditions in Russia, support and incentive of the best Russian commodity producers, promotion of their trade mark. Participation of TAIF-NK PSC in the present Program is an effective instrument of prestige increase, as well as possibility for confirmation of the Companies’ production high quality by independent experts.

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