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February 19, 2014

In TAIF-NK PSC the conference on approving the collective agreement for 2014 was held.

February 12, 2014 a meeting of TAIF-NK staff, where the results of implementation of the collective agreement in 2013 was discussed and a collective agreement for 2014 was signed.

The General Director of TAIF-NK R. R. Shamgunov addressed an opening speech to the staff. The Deputy General Director for Economy and Finance A. V. Evstafieva and Chairman of the Labor collective of TAIF-NK A. H. Biktimirova made a report on the compliment of the collective agreement for 2013. The main issues discussed at the meeting of the labor collective of TAIF-NK were industrial and financial achievements, future goals and social benefits.

In 2013, the Company TAIF-NK continued the implementation of the modernization policy and innovative production processes. All initiatives are aimed at increasing of production capacity, increasing the depth of refining, production of high quality oil. The management and staff of the Company have important tasks on both priority investment project of Heavy Residue Conversion Complex construction and technological modernization of existing units: the reconstruction of wastewater treatment units, reconstruction of Middle Distillates Hydrotreatment Complex, the development of the gas stations network. TAIF-NK PSC is a competitive dynamic company where the investments to the production processes are always being made. Increasement of the production rates makes it possible to increase the number of new jobs. By the end of 2013, the number of employees in TAIF-NK PSC was 3201 people. According to the remuneration level, the Company still maintains its leading position both in Tatarstan Republic, and among the largest enterprises of the petrochemical industry of the Republic. The Company's employees have a substantial benefits package, which includes payments for the vacation, the costs related to the getting of the social mortgage, financial support in different situations, promotions on the occasion of the anniversary and holidays, material support for retired and so on. In 2013, the stable and efficient operation of production allowed to solve successfully the problems on improving the working conditions, preventive work on preventing the industrial injuries, to continue the work on the prevention of workers' health. A voluntary medical insurance of employees for the Company’s funds was organized in 2013. And the annual medical examination of 2481 employees was held. Administration and Union committee did an effective action on labor protection, providing staff with housing, rehabilitation of the team members , and also on cultural and sports activities. The gym and swimming pool at school number 29, a football field in the «Friendship» SRC are rent for sport activities. In 2013, the Company held the competitions on skiing, ping-pong, mini football, volleyball. In the family sports festival for the Cup of TAIF-NK PSC the teams from structural units of Crude Refining Plant, Gasoline Plant, Management of Retail Sales and the Manageant of the Company took part. In TAIF-NK PSC there is a system of training and retraining of the staff.

According to the annual plan, during the reporting period the different types and forms of education of workers, executives and specialists for 4455 places was organised. Delegates of the conference accepted the collective agreement for 2013. In the collective agreement for 2014, which is regulating social and labor relations between employees and employers, all the rules on wages, health and social benefits are saved.

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