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November 15, 2013

SAP Innovation Day was held in the management of TAIF-NK.

November 14, 2013 on the territory of TAIF-NK “Innovation Day for TAIF Group” conference, organized by the leading Company in market of enterprise applications SAP CIS was held. 

General Director of TAIF-NK PSC Kalimullin A.K. opened the conference.

Deputy General Director Nizamov A.V., Director of Petrochemistry/Chemistry Department Reshetov D.S., Manager in working with TAIF Group Bogdanov R.D. and many other representatives, which introduced new solutions and products of SAP Company, that are relevant for the automation of business, took part in the event from the Company SAP CIS.

Leaders and specialists of functional units and IT-Departments of TAIF PSC, TAIF-NK PSC, Nizhnekamskneftekhim PSC, Kazanorgsintez PSC participated in the event from TAIF Group.

Conference was held in a productive working atmosphere with the discussion of the reports about SAP solutions for the petrochemical industry, about the benefits and technologies of planning and budgeting, by considering the risks, about the implement of TOPO business-processes into SAP and about many other things.

SAP Innovation Days held for team members of TAIG Group once a year and is held with purpose to develop the results already achieved by the use of SAP.

Modern IT-technologies are the important component of success of the Oil refining industry of the Tatarstan Republic, where the key trends are the modernization and innovation.

TAIF-NK has made its choice in favor of SAP solutions and working in the mode of productive exploitation of SAP ERP system since 2013, can already evaluate the effect from implementation of them.



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