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June 10, 2014

TAIF-NK PSC took part in the festival "Sabantuy 2014"

The Prime Minister of Tatarstan Ildar Khalikov, Kazan Mayor Ilsur Metshin, Head of Nizhnekamsk Municipal District and Nizhnekamsk Mayor A. Metshin and other guests attened Nizhnekamsk city plow festival.

Honourable guests of Nizhnekamsk festival visited presentation platform of TAIF-NK PSC as one of the first. They were accompanied by General Director of the Company - R.R. Shamgunov. Guests lingered near the easel, where Prime Minister Ildar Khalikov made the first strokes to the "Collective picture", which went on to create throughout the day by all visitors of the festival area.

A colorful court of TAIF-NK PSC attracted the attention of all who came to Maidan of sports and cultural complex "Ilyinka" that day. Nizhnekamsk citizens were entertained by original living sculptures, heroes of popular movies and cartoons were waiting for holiday visitors on bright billboards. In attraction called "Refuel humor" people could become a hero of known clips for a few moments and get a gift CD with its record. This day, everyone could get his own portrait made in the style of "cartoon" - a professional artist worked on the court. The holiday was accompanied by live modern popular music performed by the vocal group and Honored Artists Tatar estrade.

Traditionally paying great attention to the social orientation, the TAIF-NK PSC annually participates in the main national holiday of the summer. Participation of TAIF-NK PSC in city events is always distinguished by high professionalism and a sincere desire to please the citizens.

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