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May 8, 2014

TAIF-NK PSC congratulated the sponsored veterans of The Great Patriotic War on the Victory Day



National holiday - the Victory Day is a symbol of heroism of our grandfathers, fathers, a symbol of courage of all the people who defended the peace on earth. Today we revere the memory of those who never returned from the battlefields, we remember the great feat of workers, which forged the Victory in the rear, and grateful to the defenders of all generations who have devoted themselves to the service to the Fatherland.

On the eve of the significant holiday TAIF-NK PSC congratulated the participants of the Great Patriotic War. Company representatives visited the Company's sponsored veterans to express gratitude for the Victory personally, to congratulate each of them on the upcoming holiday and give gifts.

TAIF-NK PSC congratulates all veterans and rear workers with the Victory Day! Feat of the defenders of our homeland will remain forever in the memory of generations.







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