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March 4, 2014

Information on the situation in Gasoline plant of TAIF-NK PSC

On 03.03.2014 at 19.00 there was a fire on gasoline fraction on the column number 303 of the sulfur products catalytic cracker fractional unit (Vacuum Gas Oil), intended for the cracking of vacuum gas oil and mazut on the catalyst with burnout product residues (250-500 kg.) . The total area of the fire was 45 sq.m. There was no fatalities and injuries. And there is no danger of explosion and fire spread. Currently, assessment of damage is being done and efficiency of the equipment recovery time is being determined.

A commission including representatives of Volga Region management of Russian Federal service on Ecological (environmental), Technological and Nuclear sSupervision, TAIF –NK PSC, the administration of "Nizhnekamsk Municipal District ", the Insurance Company, which will start the work on 05.03.2014. Upon he end of the work of the commission the reasons of the fire will be established. The preliminary cause - depressurization of flange, with the omission of heavy mazut with the temperature of over 360 degrees Celsius.

Volume of oil refining and producing of marketable products except gasoline will not be changed.

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